Beautiful Modified Halo Diamond Engagement Ring # 1002 by Vatche.

The Vatche Modified Halo Diamond Engagement Ring #1002 is a modified halo trellis design shared prong accent diamond engagement ring with a raised four prong center basket. Elegant with sleek lines, this ring showcases the beauty of your center diamond to maximum affect.





Christie’s To Auction Largest Briolette Diamond Ever!

Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale on May 28 will feature the largest briolette diamond that has ever appeared at auction. The 75.36-carat diamond is part of a pendant necklace that includes a marquise-cut purplish pink diamond suspended above the briolette. The two diamonds are joined by a briolette diamond neck chain mounted in 18k rose and white gold. The necklace is estimated to fetch $8.5 to $12.5 million.

The briolette has been graded as D color and type IIa, indicating its internally flawless clarity, excellent polish, high level of chemical purity and exceptional optical transparency.

Fabulous Green Emerald Makes It’s Debut at Basal Jewelry Show.

A dazzling 206.09-carat Colombian emerald of exceptional color and clarity, purchased by Bayco LLC from a private collector earlier this year made it’s debut this week at the Basal Jewelry Show in Basal, Switzerland.

The Imperial Emerald, 206.09 Carats

The polished cut yield from Emerald rough is in the range of 20-24% which means that The Imperial Emerald started out as a 800 carat rough stone, WOW!

Giacomo Hadjibay, a co-owner of the family-owned, New York-based jewelry company, said the gem, dubbed “The Imperial Emerald,” is the most exceptional stone their company has ever purchased.

The Imperial Emerald is the largest Emerald in terms of its clarity, color, brilliance and cut, and is untreated. It was mined at the Muzo mines, located at the foothills of the eastern range of the Andes mountains in Colombia which are known for producing the best emeralds in the world.

It was Colombian emeralds that the great Moguls of India coveted when they ruled the country, swapping their diamonds and gold with the Spanish for the green gems.

Bayco purchased this Emerald rough in 2012 and submitted it to three of the worlds best Gemstone Grading laboratories, the American Gem Laboratories, the Gemological Institute of America and Gübelin; who created books on the emerald, a step taken only for extremely rare and exceptional stones.

Bayco brought the stone to Baselworld to show it to the world, the first stop on what may be a global tour for the 200-carat-plus gem. .

Bayco is exhibiting at Baselworld, which began today and runs through May 2.

Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Y-Z Color VS-1 Clarity GIA Graded For Your Engagement Ring.

Here is a beautifully cut golden glow Yellow Color Emerald diamond graded by GIA. The warm golden color is rich with even tone and saturation and a great choice for those of you who prefer the warm color and yellow hues.

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A Beautiful Old Miner Diamond For You!

Old Mine Diamonds were cut and popular in 18th and 19th century and most often set  into Georgian and Victorian jewelry. The notable characteristics of this cut  are the open culet,  small table facet, high angle Crown and Pavilion facets, thin girdles, and an irregular uneven shape. Diamond cutting tools were not as technologically advanced as they are today and the main objective of the Diamond cutter was maximum weight retention.

Nevertheless, the unique facet structure and facet alignment of these diamonds does result in a beautiful face up look that is most pleasing to the eye.

During the early 1980′s the price of Gold rose dramatically in a very short period of time and consumers cashed in by selling their Vintage and Antique diamond rings which were set with Old Mine and Old European Cut diamonds to Gold Refiners . These Antique stones were immediately recut into modern brilliant round shape diamonds.

Today, Old Mine and Old European Cut diamonds have come back in vogue and popularity and are much sought after for setting into Vintage and Antique Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, and Customized Rings. The reduced supply of these diamonds combined with their increased popularity have resulted in price premiums.

Below, we show you two beautiful Old mine Cut diamonds: