Piaget Watches Are Hot in Malaysia!!!

Rapaport NewsWire reports that Swiss watch and jewelry house Piaget, expects to see a sales growth of 15 percent in Malaysia in 2005.

Sales have grown by 10% in the past four years.

Piaget has been in Malaysia since 1992 and currently has one boutique and four retail outlets, Including Cortina Watch and Sincere Fine Watches. All of them are in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is an interesting market for Piaget because of the potential growth in Piaget’s product range with a price tag of $478 and above.

This was the reason why Piaget chose to unveil its new range of products in Malaysia, with next stop would be in Singapore. In Malaysia, 60 percent of the company’s customers are local, while the remaining 40 percent are tourists.

Asia as a whole is Piaget’s biggest market with Japan as the main market, followed by United States and West Asia.

New Designer E-Rings by Vatche!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I just got word from Max Krause; Dir. of Sales & Marketing over at Vatche ( that they now have a new line of designer wedding rings and diamond engagement rings which we will be featuring (in our capacity as an authorized retailer) on our retail diamond and jewelry website very shortly.

Some of these designs cater to the latest styles of wedding rings worn by celebrities and “fashion-istas” (is that a word?) all over the world.

Here is a peek.

new vatche-2.jpg


Ruby Gemstone: Power, Passion, Life!

Ruby Gemstone.jpg

Ruby: Rough and Polished state.

Ruby is the red variety of the corundum mineral, one of the hardest minerals on Earth which also includes Sapphire. Pure corundum is colorless. Slight traces of the color creating elements such as chrome, iron, titanium or vanadium are responsible for the colour. These gemstones show an excellent hardness. On the Moh’s Scale they achieve a hardness of 9, second only to diamonds. Only red corundum may be called Ruby, any other color is referred to as Sapphires. The close relationship of Ruby and Sapphire has been known since the beginning of the 19th century. Up to that time, also red Garnets or Spinells were thought to be Rubies – and due to this misclassification the so-called “Black Ruby” as well as the “Timur Ruby” decorating the British Crown Jewels are probably actually no Rubies at all, but Spinells.

For thousands of years Ruby has been considered on of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It meets all of the requirements for a precious gemstone: Wonderful colour, excellent hardness, and excellent brilliance. It is an extremely rare gemstone, especially in the finer qualities.

Ruby consists of aluminium oxide and chrome as well as smallest proportions of other trace elements – depending on the respective occurrence. In really fine colours and good clarity this gemstone is rare. This scarcity is due to the colour-creating element chrome. Although chrome gives the Ruby its wonderful color it also causes a multitude of fissures and tiny irregularities inside the crystals. Only very few ruby crystals grow undisturbed to considerable sizes and crystallize to form a perfect gemstone. Therefore, fine Rubies are quite scarce in sizes above 3 carats. Rubies with hardly any inclusions are extremely valuable and in good colors and larger sizes will bring top prices at auctions.

India was considered as the classical country of Rubies. The history of Rubies in India spans over two thousand years. The term “corundum” which is used today is derived from the Sanskrit word “kuruvinda”. In the Sanskrit language Ruby is called “ratnaraj”, which translates as “King of Gemstones”.

Today, in addition to India, quality Rubies are mined in Burma,Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Want Imelda Marcos’ Diamonds? Step Over Here, Bud!

The Phillipine Daily Inquirer today reports that the Phillipine government is ready to auction off the diamond jewelry once owned by Phillipine First Lady, Imelda Marcos.

The Philipine government expects to recover around $10 million from the sale. It said the collection included a yellow gold 30.71-carat diamond-studded bracelet with a central marquise cut diamond crafted by Bulgari. When appraised by Sotheby’s in 1990, it was reportedly valued conservatively at from $800,000 to $1.2 million.

The jewelry, now being held in escrow in a Phillipine Central Bank vault, has been independently appraised and found to be genuine.The Phillipine government is finalizing the conditions and details of the auction, including the venue and date of the auction,with the expectation that the auction and sales will be consummated by the end of 2005.

Gem and Diamond Appraisers have described the jewelry pieces as “works of art” because of their exquisite designs, breathtaking size, and the superb quality of the gems.

Now in her early 70s, Imelda Marcos faces several graft cases before local Phillipine courts. The cases are linked to her stint as housing minister and governor of Metro Manila.

The Phillipine government has recovered Marcos-linked assets in the Philippines amounting to P50 billion and $683 million from Swiss bank accounts.

But, hey guys!! What about her SHOES!!?? Probably worth more than the diamonds and gems!

Diamond Week In Review: 8/12/05

Excellent turnout and buying activity at last week’s annual JA Summer Diamond and Jewelery show held at New York’s Javits Convention Center.

Retail jeweler Traffic was up by 10%+ with increased purchasing by retailers for their inventories in their expectation of a strong Fall and Christmas buying season by consumers.

Strong demand for rounds in 2 carat+, I color +, SI-2 clarity +. Princess Cuts steady, Asscher, Oval, and Radiant Cuts strong.

Gold and Platinum prices surging as Oil prices hit all time high of $65.00/barrel amid fears of increasing political instability in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Gold Near 8 Month High As Oil Surges!

Gold traded near an eight-month high after rising yesterday as crude oil prices advanced to another record and the dollar weakened, boosting bullion’s appeal as a hedge against inflation and an alternative investment.

Crude oil rose to a record $66.05 a barrel in Asian trade today, after a fire at a Sunoco Inc. pipeline heightened concern U.S. refineries may struggle to meet second-half fuel demand. Investors buy gold in times of inflation, which erodes the value of fixed-income assets such as bonds.

Gold for immediate delivery rose as much as $1.40, or 0.3 percent, to $447.30 a troy ounce. It traded 10 cents higher at $446.00 an ounce. It reached an intraday high of $447.42 an ounce yesterday, the highest since $450.95 was posted on Dec. 8, 2004.

Gold for December delivery rose 10 cents to $451 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange in after- hours trading. Yesterday, it rose as much as 2.4 percent to $452.70, the highest in eight months.

How this will affect jewelery prices remains to be seen. Continued rise in Oil prices coupled with political instability in Iraq and Saudia Arabia over the next few months will surely translate into increased prices for Gold and Platinum jewlery as we head into the very important Christmas shopping season.

Stay tuned, folks.

Buying a Loose (Un-mounted) Diamond First


When shopping for the perfect engagement ring or anniversary ring, you will ask yourself whether it pays to buy the loose diamond separate from the ring setting, or to buy the diamond engagement ring as a complete (pre-fabricated) set. Some may argue that it is too much of a “hassle” to buy the loose diamond and ring setting separately.

While you may have your own preferences, we at exceldiamonds advocate choosing a loose diamond first and then selecting the engagement ring to compliment the diamond. We also provide you in our online diamond store with the opportunity to build your own diamond engagement ring.

There are a few important reasons to consider making your diamond purchase your first and top priority:

1. The loose diamond is truly the most important part of your diamond engagement ring. The diamond is not only the most expensive part of the diamond ring, but is also that which determines the overall beauty of the engagement ring. A properly cut ideal diamond is going to sizzle with fiery beauty and brilliance that will be seen from across the room.

2. Diamonds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and clarities. More importantly, not all loose diamonds are created equal. Depending on the precision of the diamond cut, many diamonds will look beautiful and brilliant, while many may seem dull and lifeless. The size, color, clarity, and cut of the loose diamond will all have an effect on the price you will pay for the stone. By purchasing the diamond loose, you are enabling yourself to choose the diamond that is best suited to your exact specifications for size, color, clarity, and budget. Usually, when a diamond store puts together a diamond engagement ring to sell as a finished product, they will match together a certain uniform standard for the diamond specifications. Their objective is usually to piece together a diamond ring that will entice the consumer, while affording them the highest possible profit on the sale. However, when you take charge and select your own loose diamond, you will find that you can actually save quite a bit of money and still get a visually stunning diamond at the same time. This can be accomplished by selecting a diamond with hearts and arrows precision and ideal diamond specifications which will make it exceptionally brilliant regardless of its threshold for size, color and clarity.

3. Evaluating a diamond to assess it’s precision, quality and beauty, is best accomplished in its un-mounted state. When the diamond is loose it can be evaluated by yourself or a qualified independent diamond appraiser using the latest diamond evaluation and grading tools. The diamond can be inspected from every single angle to make certain that it is indeed of the quality and beauty that you desire. This is something that cannot be done with the same degree of effectiveness once the diamond has been set in a ring.

At Exceldiamonds, we understand the difficulty in purchasing a diamond online “sight unseen”. It is for this reason that we provide the most comprehensive level of information possible, including an impressive array of actual diamond photographs, precision analyses, and diamond documentation geared to inform and educate our customers. We only offer the highest quality diamonds, hearts and arrows diamonds, and super-ideal cut diamonds at discounted prices.

We put you in the driver’s seat by empowering you to choose your very own loose diamond from our selection, and to have it set in one of our beautiful discount diamond engagement rings. We even give you the opportunity to have our loose diamonds independently appraised by a qualified diamond appraiser in your area prior to purchase. There is no financial obligation on your part whatsoever.

After you have made your diamond purchase with us you have a complete 10-day inspection for a full money back guarantee.

On the following pages you will get into the “nuts and bolts” of what a diamond is really made of and how to recognize and appreciate quality cut diamonds.

Diamonds as Symbols


According to tradition the Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods, while the Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars. Many long dead cultures have attributed divine or mystical powers to these magnificent and brilliant diamonds as a way of explaining its special beauty and brilliance.

The earliest symbolic use of diamonds was as the eyes of Hindu devotional statues. The diamonds themselves were thought to be endowments from the gods and were cherished. The exact point at which diamonds assumed their divine status is not known, but early texts indicate they were recognized in India since at least 400 BC. In western culture, diamonds are the traditional emblem of fearlessness and virtue.

“A diamond is forever”

Every single sparkling diamond has its own personality, its own breathtaking display of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. When a loose diamond is cut to ideal cut diamond specifications there is no precious gemstone that can compare to its dazzling beauty. Each diamond has its own unique internal characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Quality diamonds such as the Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, and diamond and platinum jewelry retain value over time more than any other fine jewelry and precious metals.
Because a diamond is the hardest substance known to man, it is truly “forever”; withstanding the tests of time and lovingly passed down from generation to generation to be cherished and adored.
Small wonder then that today, diamonds are used to symbolize eternity and love, being often seen adorning engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding jewelry. What better way to symbolize and encapsulate the beauty and lifelong commitment of a couples union, than with a timeless and beautiful diamond engagement ring.