World’s Biggest Tanzanite Gemstone Found.

Tanzanite-One said it has found the world’s largest tanzanite gemstone weighing 16,839 carats! in the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Killimanjaro.

Tanzanite rough.jpg

Tanzanite in rough form.

tanzanite polished.jpg

Polished Tanzanite.

The new find comes on the heels of Tanzania’s push to re-channel profits generated from tanzanite mining back into its local economy.
What makes this find even more remarkable is that tanzanite production is unpredictable and inconsistent due to bad mining practices.

Another financial obstacle facing the industry is the value added tax (20 percent) that is added on gemstones, including those intended for export. The tax prevents inter-dealer trade and mining, which in turn makes is more difficult to establish a local cutting industry.

Tanzania is looking to duplicate the development of local manufacturing industries of South Africa and Madagascar. Both countries are increasingly opposed to exporting raw materials outside of the country and are insisting that the majority of rough gems be earmarked for local manufacturing.

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