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Here is a stunning custom diamond engagement ring that we just completed in our factory for one of our customers.

The center diamond is our gorgeous SuperbCert Super-Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows Round Diamond! Specs are: 1.62 I Color (can you believe that!…it faces up soo much whiter), VS1 Clarity.

The custom mounting was done in 950 pure platinum with a matching diamond eternity wedding band.

Side diamonds are approximately .04 carat each, F Color and VS Clarity.
These diamonds have exceptional cut quality, color, and clarity!





U.S. Family Income Declines. Effects On Diamond Sales.

While price hikes (due to surging oil prices) impacted consumer pocket books in 2005, the Federal Reserve said families in the United States were already experiencing a drop in incomes one year earlier.

The Federal Reserve publishes its Survey of Consumer Finances every third year, and it drew 2004 comparisons to income rates in year 2001. The average family income in the United States fell 2.3 percent in 2004. The average family net worth rose at a slow pace, due in part to higher real estate values and not due to cash on hand or stock investments.

The average family income in the United States was $70,700 for 2004, with the median (half above and half below) figure was $43,200, an increase of 1.6 percent from year 2001.

Average net worth rose 1.5 percent to $93,100, or 9 percentage points less than the rise in 1998 to 2001.

With diamond and jewelry prices going up, consumers may look for better cut, lower color/clarity combinations in order to maintain carat weight.

Gold Price Supported by Indian Marriages.

With Indian wedding season imminent, recent high volatility in gold prices has not prevented physical buying, rather it has deferred it as many families agree to wait for purchase of gold for dowries until market stabilizes, says Societe Generale. “The postponed purchasing is unlikely to prompt a rally of any note but will certainly help to cushion the market as prices stabilize.”

Purchase of gold for weddings can vary between 50%-70% of total gold demand in any one year, dependent on monsoon season which governs rural incomes and gold price.

This dowry payment delay might be enough to give the Groom a “headache” on the Wedding Night.

Important New Website Launched by Jewelers Security Alliance.

The Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) has launched an online stolen jewelry website clearinghouse for the industry and consumers. Consumers and industry members can report stolen goods on the website by filling out an online form.

Users may also fill out an incident report online, browse security advice, and stay current with the latest crime spree news from across the United States.

The website also offers the alliance’s “most wanted” criminal list for which there are eight mug-shots at this time. The JCK Industry Fund provided a grant to fund the website.

Report Your Stolen Diamonds and Jewelry Here

Gold Vanishing In China!

Kyle Bradisher reports in yesterdays New York Times that China has such a huge stash of other countries’ money that it could, in theory, give bonuses equaling half a year’s wages to all 770 million of its famously low-paid workers.

China will soon release statistics showing that it has passed Japan as the biggest holder of foreign currency the world has ever seen. Its reserves already exceed $800 billion and are on track to reach $1 trillion by the end of the year, up from just under $4 billion in 1989. But China has held a similar position before.

The current pile, much of it invested in U.S. Treasury securities or mortgages on American homes, is a result of China’s selling more goods than it buys and of foreign money pouring in for the building of factories, apartment towers, office buildings and shopping malls.

China is not alone; oil exporters are also piling up cash and trying to figure out what to do with it, leading to disputes like the current one over the Dubai company DP World’s designation to run cargo terminals at U.S. ports.

History offers parallels to the yawning U.S. trade deficit and the resulting accumulation of dollars in China. China sells to American companies almost six times as much as it buys from them, but this is not the first time China has been an export powerhouse. Ancient Rome, for example, found that it had little except glass that China wanted to buy. Nearly 2,000 years ago, Pliny complained about the eastward flow of Roman gold along the Silk Road in exchange for Chinese silk.

Long-distance trade collapsed during the early years of the Dark Ages. But through the next several periods of rapid growth in international commerce – from 600 to 750, from 1000 to 1300 and from 1500 to 1800 – China again tended to run very large trade surpluses. By 1700, Europe was paying with silver for as much as four-fifths of its imports from China because China was interested in little that Europe manufactured.

A longstanding mystery for economic historians lies in how so much silver and gold flowed to China for centuries for the purchase of Chinese goods yet caused little inflation in China. Many of China’s manufactured goods remained much cheaper than those from other countries until the early 1800s, despite the rapidly growing supply of silver in the Chinese economy. One theory is that Chinese output was expanding as fast as the supply of precious metal. Another is that the Chinese were saving the silver and gold, not spending it.

The same phenomenon has appeared today, as dollars inundating China have resulted in practically no increase in prices for most goods and services – although real estate prices have jumped in most cities. China has an even easier time preventing domestic prices from rising now because modern banking techniques let its central bank buy up the dollars and take them out of everyday circulation. The central bank has accumulated the country’s immense foreign-currency reserves in the process.

The British Empire in the 19th century worked out a way to maintain a large long-term trade surplus with China. So far, however, nobody has suggested that the United States also try getting millions of Chinese people addicted to imported opium.

What would Confucious say? Probably too busy counting.

Do You Have $300,000 Handy? Then This Watch Is For You!

Sotheby’s will put one of the most important double-dialed pocket watches ever manufactured onto the auction block at its “Important Watches and Wristwatches” sale May 16 in Geneva.

The George Thompson pocket watch by Patek Philippe is a minute-repeating pocket watch made for Thompson in 1914. The piece features two dials displaying perpetual calendar, moon phases and split seconds chronograph with register. The timepiece is expected to fetch $300,000 to $450,000 when the gavel falls.

George Thompson 1.jpg

Only $300,000-450,000!

“Complicated double-dialed watches by Patek Philippe are exceptionally rare and little more than a handful are known,” Alexander Barter, head of Sotheby’s Geneva watch department, said in a release issued Friday. “The George Thompson watch, which remains in outstanding condition, retains its original wooden fitted presentation case and certificate and is offered by the direct descendants of George Thompson, an Anglo-American press editor who made his career in the United States. We are delighted to be offering for sale this historic and important watch, 92 years after its original creation.”

Diamond Education: Why Lab Report “Numbers” Don’t Tell You What You Need To Know

Consumers are constantly asking for assistance on whether they should purchase a diamond based on the “numbers” provided by the diamond lab grading report. The two best diamond grading labs are the GIA and the AGS, noted for their accuracy and consistency.

While the diamond lab grading report is very useful, it does not give the entire story and it is helpful to get additional information that analyzes the level of Cut precision and light performance of the diamond. Two current technologies that provides these assessments are the Megascope Proportion Analyzer for Cut and the Brilliancescope for Light performance.

To illustrate this point we have attached data from two diamonds: A .78 carat GIA graded EX-EX “Ideal Cut”, the second is a 1.51 carat GIA graded diamond that has a Table percentage that is greater than its Depth percentage, a situation that in many instances can lead to significant light leakage out of the diamond instead of light being maximally refracted to your eye. In the trade this type of configuration is known as a “fish-eye”.

The results shown below are opposite to expectation. The EX-EX Ideal cut diamond displays poor to mediocre light performance as measured by the Brilliancescope whereas the diamond with the ‘poorer’ numbers displays excellent and evenly distributed light performance.

78 F VS2 Collage for Diamondvues.jpg

.78 Carat Excellent-Excellent “Ideal” Diamond graded by GIA.

1.51 carat non-Ideal Cut diamond graded by GIA. Note the significantly better light performance of this diamond compared to the “Ideal” Cut above.

151 hvs2 gia cert for Diamondvues.jpg

151H VS2 Brilliancescope.jpg

It is important to note that the round brilliant shape consists of 58 facets and their cut angle, size, and proper alignment critically impacts visual beauty and light performance. The “numbers” on a diamond lab grading are averages only and do not address facet alignment.

For those consumers shopping for diamonds on Internet websites and not physically able to examine the stones, the more information you get, the better purchase decision you will make.

Diamond Fluorescence Revisited: What Consumers Need to Know.

We have recently received many questions from consumers pertaining to the effects of fluorescence on a diamond’s face-up appearance. There is still much confusion, uncertainty, and just plain mis-information being disseminated by fellow tradespeople as well as “internet forum lay-experts” on this subject. Fluorescence in diamonds is mistakingly thought to be all bad. This is not the case.

We therefore deem it helpful to all of you consumers to once again post a link to THE definitve study done on this subject back in 1997 by GIA scientists. This experiment is an excellent case-study on how to properly conduct a study with proper scientific protocol and procedure and will certainly bring particular joy and satisfaction to Engineers and fellow scientists for the way this experiment was conducted.

The results obtained by GIA scientists will startle and surprise you.

The link is HERE:

1997 GIA Study on Fluorescence

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings!

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Here is some eye candy of a few of these stunning diamond rings!