Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Surging!!

We have seen an incredible surge in sales of Asscher cut diamond engagement rings, so far this holiday season!

Well cut Asscher diamonds have gained tremendous popularity amongst consumers, because of their amazing brilliance and elegant facet structure.

Here is a diamond engagement ring with a center Asscher diamond that we just shipped out yesterday to one of our customers.




Sweet Chocolate Diamonds

A gift of custom-made chocolates is being iced with a lot more than sugar in Missouri this Christmas season.

A suburban St. Louis chocolate maker and jeweler have teamed up to offer a box of candy decked out with 13 pieces of diamond jewelry.

Their asking price is a cool $1.5 million.

Lake Forest Confections and Simons Jewelers in Clayton created the gift by combining an assortment of chocolates with plenty of jewels.

In addition to lots of diamonds, the jewelry features sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

The gift is being called “Le Chocolat” and will be presented in an intricate box made in Europe.

Chocolate maker Bud Kolbrener says if a serious buyer comes forward, he’ll custom make the chocolates out of fresh fruits, creams or even dusted in 24-karat gold.

Nintendo Wii and Buying Your Diamond Engagement Ring: There is a Connection!

Nintendo Wii

Exceldiamonds Tiffany Classic Replica

No, I didn’t toke on some bad weed or have too much tryptophan cross my blood-brain barrier by overdoing the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Nintendo’s launch of the Wii over the Thanksgiving Holiday got me to thinking.

No, my friends, I actually see a connection here and it’s this.

The Wii is cool,dude, because it allows the Player to actually physically interact with the objects on the screen to the point where you are “there”! You’re the Tennis Player, the Boxer, the Baseball Player! How cool is that?

Now we sell beautiful diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry on our website. We provide tons of data, information, and photographs on all of our products.


You still can’t reach out and touch the dang things!

So, Nintendo, SONY, somebody within the sound of my voice, figure out a way for a retractable arm to come out of our Computer screen to and through to the Customer’s screen bringing diamonds and settings for their viewing pleasure.

You see it, you touch it, you like it, you buy it. Voila!

Shop within the comfort of your Home or Office! No Traffic or Parking hassles, no getting your tired tootsies stepped on, no need to navigate nattering pushy jewelry store salespeople!
Ahh Mechayah!! (That’s pleasure for you people out in the Mid-West).

Farfetched, you say? Meshuggah, you think I am?

Nuu, so think about it already…makes ah lot of sense.

While you’re thinking, you’ll please excuse me for a bit…got to go answer this e-mail from Rod Serling.



Cyber Monday Is HERE!!

Shares of Internet retailers dipped along with the overall market on “Black Friday” as the dollar weakened and investors remained concerned about consumer spending.

Black Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving, is usually the second-busiest day for shopping in person. The following Monday, known as “Cyber Monday,” is generally a busy day for Internet retailers.

ComScore Networks, which tracks Internet spending, expects online sales of almost $600 million on Monday, which would be higher than any single day during the 2005 holiday season. Online retailers raked in $484 million on Cyber Monday last year.

ComScore estimated sales for the first 19 days of November rose 23 percent this year. This suggests online holiday spending is “strong coming out of the gate,” ComScore Networks Chairman Gian Fulgoni said.

However, a MasterCard Worldwide study released Monday showed “Cyber Monday” is something of a myth — and doesn’t rank in the top five days for Internet shopping. Based on information from billions of credit card transactions over the past several years, MasterCard said online shopping actually peaks a week after Cyber Monday. In 2005, Cyber Monday was the ninth-busiest online shopping day of the year.

In midday trading Friday, Inc. and Ebay Inc. each fell about 1 percent, while RedEnvelope Inc., a San Francisco-based Internet retailer of upscale gifts, fell about 3 percent. However, the downward movement wasn’t specific to Internet retailers — the broader market was off slightly in Friday’s shortened trading session as the dollar declined and traders bet on lower interest rates.

Get your Credit Cards ready, Get Set, Go…………………………..

Buying Your Diamond Engagement Ring: Make Sure You Don’t Become the Basted Turkey!

For many of us procrastinating guys, Today, Thanksgiving, marks the very last day of procrastinating from getting her that Diamond Engagement Ring or other Diamond Gift before Christmas hits next month.

So enjoy the Turkey today, the Beer! and the Triple-Header NFL line-up of games because starting tomorrow no matter how bloated, sick, and out of it we feel, we gotta put the pedal to da metal and get this gig done, PRONTO!

For the great majority of us, we’ll be shopping for the Diamond Engagement Ring on the Internet.
It’s convenient, fast, and demands very little physical exertion.

Be careful and check out the Vendors. Make sure that their listed diamonds are either in-house or can be shipped in to them by the supplier/manufacturer so that they can physically examine them for you, supply you with extra data, info, and photos, and to insure that there are no problems with the diamond.

Most Diamond Internet Vendors today carry what is called Virtual Diamond (VD) lists of diamonds that are supplied to them by manufacturer/wholesalers that are looking for a Retail window of opportunity. These diamonds are advertised with minimal information about the stone and if ordered are directly drop-shipped to you by the Manufacturer and is never “seen” by the Vendor you ordered it from. The information provided by a lab grading report is a useful start but tells you nothing about the face-up visual beauty of the diamond.

We recently blogged about this disturbing trend here:

VD Diamonds: Don’t Catch It!

and posted an informative thread to on why it is dangerous to totally rely on “numbers” to buy a diamond. Playing The Diamond “Numbers” Game Doesn’t Work

Bottom Line is this: get as much information as you can about the diamond and Vendor before you put your hard-earned money down on the Table.

Good Luck, Guys!

Imelda Marcos Is BACK!

With a vengeance, my friends.

Former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos—known for spending millions on shoes, clothing and real estate while her countrymen lived in poverty—has launched a fashion jewelry collection.

Marcos, 77, created the Imelda Collection this month after learning of the “hopelessness and helplessness of Filipinos everywhere,” according to the collection’s Web site.

Marcos used components of her personal collection of costume jewelry from around the world and Swarovski crystals to create the jewelry, which includes bib necklaces, brooches and bracelets.

“You don’t have to be rich to be beautiful,” Marcos says in a statement on the Web site. “Sometimes I have been rich. Sometimes I haven’t. But there is still beauty out there. It may cost you the earth, it may be quite cheap, but in nature it might even be free.”

Marcos created the jewels at the urging of her son, Martin “Borgy” Manotoc.

The Web site does not give further information about the jewelry’s distribution or price points.

The shoes, Imelda, your 3000 pair of shoes!! Give us the shoes!

More Beautiful Asscher Cut Diamonds To Drool Over!

It seems like I’ve been looking at one beautiful Asscher cut diamond after another, all week this week.

The ratio of Asscher cut diamonds we are getting requests for at the onset of this Holiday selling season is pretty incredible.

It seems like these diamonds are all the rage right now and judging by some of the really beautiful ones I’ve sold this week..I can see why!

Take a look at this monster!! I took these pics. today!


Where Have All The Diamond Cutters Gone?

New York?






China, my friends.


Yup, China!

China has become the manufacturing powerhouse of diamond industry during the past three to five years. There are more than 100 diamond-cutting factories in the mainland, each one employing 100 to 4,000 workers. The total number of diamond cutters in the country now stands at about 60,000.

Approximately 6.1 million carats of rough diamonds are processed in China every year. Guangdong province in the south and Shandong province in the east are the major locations for diamond polishing due to their low labor costs and skilled workers.

The import of rough diamonds and re-export of polished diamonds is tax free, another benefit.

Say this real fast: “Chinese Diamond Cutter”.

It’s gonna take some getting used to.