Diamond Vues Growing So Quickly: 2006 Stats


Diamond Vues.com, which was launched on December 27, 2004 has reached an amazing milestone of 1000 posts in this short period of time!!

Our objective when we launched this diamond information blog was to be the pulse of the diamond and jewelry marketplace.

Our commitment since the inception of this blog was/is to give our readership the latest news and fashion trends in the world of loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, designer diamond rings, and diamond and jewelry websites.

Our explosive growth during this short period of time is a testament to our success!
Lets’ take a peek under the hood and share some of our stats for 2006.

Average Visits Per Month


Top 5 Requested Pages

1. Diamond Engagement Rings
2. Luxury Watches
3. Diamond News
4. Jewelry
5. Designer Engagement Rings

Top Referrals

1. Google – 38.76%
2. Images.google.com – 9.31%
3. Yahoo – 8.53%
4. Msn – 2.94%

Top Search Terms

Top Secret….:) :) :) :)

Top Search Engines

1. Google.com – 51.88%
2. Yahoo.com – 13.46%
3. Msn.com – 4.40%
4. Google.ca – 3.91%

Top Browsers

1. Internet Explorer – 71.06%
2. Firefox – 14.28%
3. Safari – 4.99%
4. Mozzila – 2.92%
5. MagpieRSS – 2.69%

We invite you to join and subscribe to our blog for all of the latest facts, news, and information pertaining to the diamond and jewelry industry and thank you for making this blog a huge success!

See you all at 2000!

Journe Wins Top Watch Prize, Again!

The luxury watch business awarded its top 2006 awards in November at the garnd Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve ceremonies in Geneva. The competition is open to all watch brands and companies. Some 1500 guests attended the gala event at the Grand Theatre.

The top prize, the Prix de l’Aiguille d’Or (the Golden Hand award), again went to Geneva watchmaker Francois- Paul Journe for his Grande Petite Sonnerie Souveraine timepiece (with quarter, hour, and minute repeater). The timepiece caps six years’ developement, and its complex but durable mechanism has 10 patents.

Grande Petite Sonnerie Souveraine

For an in depth tutorial and virtual tour on the makings of this complicated and beautiful timepiece by Journe, click here.

What Is Palladium?

What is Palladium?

We get asked this question every day.

The short description is as follows:

Palladium is a natural white pure precious metal of 95% purity. It enahances the beauty of diamonds (similar to platinum), is hypo-allergenic, nickel free and needs no rhodium plating (which makes it slightly more desireable than white gold, albeit more expensive as well).

Palladium is 30 times more rare than gold, while sharing a similar patina and luster as precious platinum.

Palladium is also a very strong and durable metal and will last a lifetime.

It is less expensive than platinum, but more expensive than gold.

Now, for the long explanation, click here.

Excel Diamonds Has A Customer For Life!

Here is a beautiful and heartfelt testimonial we received yesterday for Excel Diamonds.com.

This diamond testimonial was originally posted on a popular diamond discussion forum, here.


Having been ripped off in the past by a Portland, OR-based internet jeweler, I was skeptical about buying a substantial piece of jewelry online again. Let’s face it, wiring thousands of dollars to someone you don’t know for something you haven’t seen in person can be a leap of faith, add the fact that you’ve been burned once before, and it’s even more stressful!

I was looking for a shared prong eternity band, wasn’t sure of carat weight, but I wanted something blindingly substantial. I’m wise to the 200% – 300% mark-up scams and hard-sell tactics of bricks and mortar jewelers, so buying locally wasn’t an option. What to do, what to do? I contacted 3 internet-based jewelers about this piece and based on my gut feeling, one stood out from the rest…it was Judah at Excel Diamonds.

In my early communication, I mentioned wanting 5 carats, but Judah advised me to go with 4 saying, “the price differential would be significant and the ring would not look better, IMO…I’d love to take your monies on a bigger and more expensive ring, but not at the expense of my integrity and honesty.” Wow! There’s something different for you

I’d initially contacted Barry and Judah in early December and despite being right in the middle of the holiday rush, Judah always responded to my emails within an hour or two. When he hadn’t heard from me in a couple of weeks, he sent an email to find out if I was still shopping for a ring. It was great that he cared enough about my business to follow-up.

During those weeks, I was shopping locally to get a feel for carat weight, color and clarity. Similar rings were only available at high-end stores, and the color and clarity was inferior to what Judah was offering for about 1/3 the price of what the local stores were asking, and they wouldn’t even talk “cut” with me saying that it didn’t matter in an eternity band. Really???

I finally placed my order about a month after my first contact with Excel, Judah really earned it! He spent a lot of time with me in the month leading up to my purchase. He never dismissed me as a “browser”. He promptly and patiently answered every question I had (including the stupid ones), even before I’d committed to placing an order.

Once ordered, Judah said it would be about 3 weeks before they could deliver the ring. 3 weeks is an eternity when you’re waiting for a 4 carat sparkly, so I followed up with him early in the second week and he told me the wait was still as expected, but 2 days later on my way home from work, I got the call that my ring was ready and would be overnighted!

Now, the moment of truth…

Judah delivered exactly what he’d promised! A substantial ring, 16 quarter carat stones, white and full of fire, set in a nice heavy platinum setting. It’s even nicer than the two I saw locally for 3 times the price, and people (including me) constantly stare at it! I was having some other pieces repaired by a local high-end jeweler, and the saleswoman wanted to know where I got the ring, and called her coworker over to ogle it. Yes, it’s THAT stunning!

Excel diamonds has a customer for life! This is the first that a piece of jewelry has exceeded my expectations, I’m tough to please, but I couldn’t be happier, and I will be back for more!

I still need to have my ring appraised, and will post an update (and some hand photos) once that’s in, but my guy is booked for a while and I wanted to get this testimonial up ASAP because the guys at Excel really deserve it!


Now, the eye candy…


Valentine’s Day Spending Up 19%.

Showing your love on Valentine’s Day is costly. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2007 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch for NRF, the average consumer will spend $119.67 on Valentine’s Day, up from $100.89 in 2006.

With 63.4 percent of consumers planning to celebrate the holiday, total 2007 Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach $16.90 billion.

Men have historically been the big spenders when it comes to Valentine’s Day and this year is no exception. According to the survey, the average male is expected to spend $156.22, nearly double the $85.08 that the average female will spend.

Flowers remain a popular holiday gift, with 58.3 percent of men planning to buy their sweet heart some type of flower (vs. 52.3 percent in 2006). Men will also be showering their loved ones with cards (56.7 percent,) candy (42.9 percent,) an evening out (53.1 percent) and jewelry (27.6 percent.)

When it comes to showing that special someone how much you care, both men and women will hit the stores for the perfect token of affection. Popular gifts include cards (62.8 percent,) candy (48.4 percent) and flowers (36.7 percent.) In addition, close to half of consumers 45.3 percent) will treat their loved one to a special evening out.

No surprise, Approximately 25 percent of women surveyed indicated diamonds were on the top of their wish list.

Women Just May Have to Buy their Own Valentine’s Day Gift.

Although more than half of women want jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift this year, only 14 percent expect to get it, a new study by Jewelry.com finds.

But the survey also finds that many women (68.5 percent) would consider buying themselves a Valentine’s Day present this year. Almost half of those surveyed said they would buy themselves jewelry, and 54.5 percent said they would spend more than $50 on themselves.

None of the respondents said they want nothing for Valentine’s Day, but 18.4 percent of the 3,000 women surveyed expect to get nothing.

The study also finds that only 1.8 percent of those surveyed want a card, although 18 percent expect to receive a card.

Pelosi Makes Statement With Pearls


Now that Nancy Pelosi has become Speaker of House, she is being graded not just on her politics but also on her fashion.

The Washington Post noted that, when she made her debut, “Pelosi had to decide how a woman who will be second in line of sucsession to the presidency should look”.

Pelosi responded to the challenge with a power suit accessorized with a beautiful strand of multi color pearls (hopefully they were real :) …).

I guess pearl jewelry isn’t just in style, it has now entered the political arena as well!

Beautiful Diamond Choker For Heidi Klum!

My Dad blogged recently on some of the gorgeous diamond jewelry worn by the celebrities at this years recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony.

He left out one particularly stunning piece worn by an equally beautiful celebrity!

Supermodel Heidi Klum strolled down the red carpet at the Golden Globes in this diamond choker with a stunning locket from her Heidi Klum Collection for Mouwad.


Jewelry Gift Cards Collecting Dust.

As of the second week in January, shoppers had spent less than half the value of the holiday gift cards they received, forcing companies to encourage consumers to spend them as soon as possible so they can count as a sale, a new National Retail Federation survey reports.

“January and February tend to be slow months for shopping, so retailers will be doing everything possible to bring customers into the stores to spend holiday gift cards,” NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin said in a media release. “It is in the retailers’ best interest to encourage recipients to spend gift cards before they become lost or misplaced.”

Retailers also know that customers redeeming gift cards are likely to spend more than the card’s value. According to the survey, conducted by Big Research, half of the consumers who redeemed holiday gift cards said they spent beyond the value of the card to purchase an item.

Gift cards, expected to be a common holiday gift, were even more popular than projected. According to the survey, consumers spent an average of $164.81 on gift cards, up from the $146.20 they expected to spend, resulting in $27.8 billion in holiday gift card sales. Men spent the most on gift cards ($176.84), and young adults, ages 18-24, spent the least ($118.12).

According to the survey, gift cards to department stores (37.9 percent), restaurants (26.8 percent), bookstores (18 percent), electronics stores (16.2 percent) and discounters (14.8 percent) were the most popular to give, and most consumers chose to buy the cards from establishments where the cards could be used. Many shoppers, however, purchased store gift cards from other retailers such as convenience stores and supermarkets. Also, nearly one-fifth (17.7percent) of consumers said they purchased a gift card online.

“As gift cards increase in popularity, retailers are looking for more convenient ways to sell them,” Big Research Vice President of Strategy Phil Rist said. “Many time-strapped holiday shoppers chose to buy several different gift cards at once by purchasing gift cards at supermarkets or convenience stores, which is a trend we expect to continue.”