Diamond Engagement Rings

At Excel Diamonds our motto is “You don’t understand how much we know, until you know how much we care”.

Obviously, a great deal of thought goes into the purchase of your diamond ring, wedding rings, engagement rings, and particularly, custom engagement ring designs.

Custom Engagement Rings

Excel Diamonds answers the call with an incredible selection and collection of engagement rings that will be cherished and adored for generations to come. We carry the finest platinum and gold engagement rings in all styles and configurations, including 3-stone diamond settings. We feature the most famous and popular Tiffany Style Solitaire replica setting on the Internet as well as the highest quality Tiffany settings and diamond engagement rings. Choose a 3-Stone diamond ring, or Vatche diamond engagement ring. Do you wish to create a custom diamond engagement ring of your choice? We can do it for you with our special 3D imaging software program. You will literally see your custom engagement ring take shape before your very eyes!

Fabulous Loose Diamonds Selection

When you are ready to select a loose diamond, we hope you will consider our SuperbCert Signature Ideal Cut Diamonds, or one of our fabulous AGS-0 Ideal Cut princess diamonds!
Looking for something a bit different? No problem. We offer Asscher cuts, trillion diamonds, pear shape diamonds, heart shape diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds…and even the elusive marquise cut diamond!

When you choose an engagement ring online from Excel Diamonds you will have multiple options to choose from. What is your personal style? Do you select your engagement ring setting first and the loose diamond to match up with it..or the other way around? Whatever your desire, we will work closely with you every step of the way to create the diamond engagement ring of your dreams!

The scientific technologies we use to showcase our loose diamonds is absolutely cutting edge and is guaranteed to be the most comprehensive way to look at and view a loose diamond online.

When you purchase diamond engagement rings and wedding bands online, there are so many to choose from. Unfortunately, however, they often all look the same. Our solitaire settings, engagement ring designs, pave diamond rings, and custom diamond solitaire rings, are both unique and completely affordable! We will work within your budget every time to assure you of the finest diamond engagement rings at prices that are as close to wholesale as possible. Our online engagement ring boutique is not as expensive as it looks! Whether you choose an engagement ring set, bridal wedding set, or custom-made diamond engagement ring or diamond jewelry item, we promise to give you our lowest price match guarantee!

We hope you will contact us and let us show you what we can do for you!

Custom Engagement Ring Design

Custom design your very own diamond engagement ring online!

Recently, I blogged regarding our ability to work with customers to create beautiful and unique custom diamond engagement rings and custom made wedding bands. Our customers appreciate the fact that they can literally build a diamond engagement ring from scratch to their exact tastes and specifications.

We create our custom diamond engagement rings by working closely with our clients and listening to their ideas and thoughts about what they want. They will usually send us images, drawings and/or clippings of the engagement ring designs they had in mind.

We will then incorporate those ideas into a 3D CAD life-like animation of their vision and work with them step-by step to turn their dream into a reality.

We are also an authorized retailer for diamond engagement rings by Vatche.

Vatche also uses CAD software to create custom engagement ring designs.

Here is a photo of a recent computerized image of a custom Vatche wedding set rendered for one of our customers.

CAD renderings of proposed custom 3-stone emerald cut diamond wedding set by Designs by Vatche The “before shot”

Well, the rings were just completed in the Vatche jewelry factory (being sent to the Independent Diamond Appraiser shortly…) and here is what they look like!!

The “after shot”


Ruthenium Prices Explode!

Ruthenium prices have soared to record highs above of $800 an ounce this month, buoyed by an explosive growth in demand for hard disc drives and news that a new generation of chip from Intel may involve the metal.


The minor member of the platinum group metals saw its price surge by 40 percent this year and hit an all-time high of $885 an ounce on February 7th 2007.

Since then, prices have eased to around $795/835 on Tuesday, but ruthenium remains much more expensive than it was a year ago, when it changed hands at less than $100 an ounce.

“Ruthenium met a bit of resistance in the last days after traders started to offload some of their holdings,” refiner Heraeus said in a recent report. But the uptrend is likely to continue on a combination of industrial as well as speculative buying, it added.

Praised for its great resistance and ability to harden platinum and palladium, ruthenium has seen its industrial applications widen recently. It is now used in the chemical, electrical and aviation sectors, but the strongest utilisation growth has been recorded in magnetic data storage (hard disc drives).

Platinum is up $13 dollars today. If this continues, and it very well may, due to the weak dollar and Iran, Platinum jewelry prices will increase.

Whiteflash.com – Diamond Engagement Ring Promotion

Ideal Cut Diamond e-tailer, Whiteflash.com has just announced a new diamond promotion and free diamond solitaire engagement ring giveaway in conjuction with the new romantic dramedy series by Fox called ‘The Wedding Bells’


To find out how you can win your free Whiteflash diamond engagement ring, visit Whiteflash by clicking on this link!

Good Luck!

Loose Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds from exceldiamonds.com makes sense considering our lowest diamond prices and unrivaled level of information provided for every loose diamond we sell.

Educate yourself on loose diamonds


Spend as much time as you can researching how loose diamonds are sold and you will be amazed at the in-depth infomation you will learn on how to properly evaluate any loose diamond you might be considering for your purchase. Many first time loose diamond shoppers will make the mistake of not getting the proper education to empower themselves before making a once in a lifetime purchase (we hope..;-)) of this magnitude.

Buying Loose Diamonds

In order to get the very best value for your dollars in a loose diamond you can be proud of, you need to set clear goals and an attainable objective. Establish exactly what you are looking for and then commence with your search for perfect loose diamonds online that would match your criterion. Compare and contrast different loose diamonds and ask for as much information on your loose diamond selection as you could possibly get. As for Megascope, BrillianceScope and IdealScope images for every loose diamond and certainly do not settle for anything less than actual diamond photos and a scan of the loose diamond’s grading report.

Research before Buying Loose Diamonds

Cull us at any time for help with you loose diamond purchase, we hope to make your dream a reality!

See The Diamond Jewelry List For Celebs at 2007 Oscars!

This weeks Oscars was full of diamond bling bling.

Ineed, there were so many dazzling diamond jewelry pieces, it was hard to tell who wore what…

Nicole Kidman’s diamond bracelet

Naomi Watts looks radiant with this gorgeous diamond necklace.

IDEX Online did a great job of putting together a comprehensive list of what each Hollywood celebrity wore in terms of fashion diamond jewelry.

See the full list here!

“A Diamond Is Forever”, and now too are Postal Stamps!

Who would have thunk it that our staid plodding Postal Service would ever be accused of imaginative thinking?

Well they did! In a fit of brilliance the Postal Service has come up with the “Forever Stamp” for First-Class Mail. The Post Office rates will go up as they always do but not this stamp. You are locked in forever.

This amazing story is here: Postal Stamps Are “Forever”!

Bling Bling Diamond Night At The Oscars!!

If last nights Oscars is any indication of where our “society” stands on issues, then the recent “blood diamond” movie by Leonardo DiCaprio did little to hurt the diamond industry.

Indeed, the night was dominated as much by the major diamond bling bling and ‘drool worthy” diamond jewelry, as by the stars who wore them.


Jennifer Hudson showed up at the ceremony looking radiant in an 80’s cropped jacket over an Oscar de la Renta chiffon gown. To accentuate the look, she had beautiful Fred Leighton diamonds on.


Jessica biel actully looked pretty drab and boring…fortunately her bling bling (earrings and a stunning diamond bracelet) picked up the slack.


Best Actress Helen Mirren looked ageless as always in a floral Christian Lacroix gown capped with embroidered lace and an absolutely eye popping 62-carat Chopard diamond brooch.


Rachael Weiz looked the quintissential Oscar actress in a platinum satin Vera Wang gown and a breathtaking vintage diamond Cartier pendant.


Penelope Cruz sparkled in Versace with Chopard diamonds.


Nicole Kidman looked a bit too ready for Christmas in a crimson Balenciaga dress with a huge bow. The saving grace was her custom L’Wren Scott diamond bracelet. Pregnant Naomi Watts didn’t fare much better (imo) with her old school retro look, but provided the necessary distraction with some major bling bling of her own…


Eva Green looked absolutely awful and even her fashionable diamond earrings couldn’t save her.
My advice; get a new hairstylist and fire your personal shopper!


I’m not sure what Cameron Diaz was thinking with her off-the-shoulder white satin Valentino gown that looked more like a bad tablecloth. In fairness though….. maybe she wasn’t “thinking” at all, given she’s probably still messed up from all that weed she was caught smoking with Drew Barrymore yesterday in Hawaii. Might also explain the weird pigeon feet stance in the photo and the goofy “howdy doody” grin/wave…..

Really…who cares though…bottom line is; she was wearing 2.9 MILLION (yes that’s right..) dollars worth of smoking Catier jewelry!!! Gotta love her just for that!!


Gwyneth probably should have stayed home…
This…whatever…was an apricot tulle-and-chiffon Zac Posen gown.
Who knows…maybe she’s angling for a role as a mermaid in the next film…….


Kirsten Dunst sported a look that alternated between laughable and forgettable in this Holloween Peacock costume. Even her jewelry did little to avert attention away from the mess that was her “gown”. She definitely wins the “worst dressed” award of the 2007 Oscars. Here is a mantra that might help… “Spider-man – 3″…Spider Man – 3″….Spider Man – 3″………..

Well….Katie Holmes looked great and Tommy boy wasn’t jumping up and down on a couch…..an altogether successful evening for both…..


Kate Winslet looked happy in this lime green Valentino with yellow Choppard diamonds.

Beyonce selected a stunning array of diamond jeweles to accentuate her gown…or whatever little there was of it…


J.Lo looked more like Julius Ceasar…but hubby, Marc Anthony was happy so that’s all that really matters….. Is she Preggers??


Cate Blanchett looked absolutely captivating with an Armanai Privé gown and Lorraine Schwartz diamonds!