Glacier Blue Topaz. What Is It?

Colored gemstones are some of the most beautiful creations on this earth.

They are exceptionally desirable for their versatility in jewelry creations, as well as for their excellent price points.

Colored gemstones

Topaz is an incredibly beautiful gemstone that has traditionally been treated with a process to enhance and promote a deep blue hue.

Suppliers of a new kind of enhanced topaz are aiming to replace both irradiated and coated colors. Can topaz colored by surface-fusion become a new basic?

Introducing “Glacier Blue Topaz”.

Gorgeous stone with a bit of controversy…

Glacier Blue, on the other hand, is a surface-colored variety. And the color layer isn’t even topaz. It’s a thin alchemized surface of cobalt spinel. Is a lab-colored topaz hybrid a good spokesman for natural color gems? This is where the subject of topaz gets very tricky—and even more controversial.

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