Corum Watches Names Its “Brand” Man Of The Year!

Global Brand Forum 2007 and Corum Timepieces have announced that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has been selected as the first “Brand Icon of the Year,” an honor that recognizes an individual’s contributions in the area of global branding.

Al Gore accepting his Corum Romvlvs Watch as “Brand” Icon Of The Year.


In a media release Global Brand Forum Chairman S. Karthik said “We choose Al Gore as our inaugural Brand Icon of the Year because of his unique and valuable contributions in the fields of media and the environment.”

In presenting Al Gore with the award—a legendary Romvlvs by Corum—Corum Timepieces President Michael Wunderman said that Gore represents the kind of determination and commitment to excellence that is admired by so many companies.

“I have high admiration and respect for Mr. Gore for his passion, determination and resolve to unlock his supremacy and conquer the challenges, whether as a politician or environmentalist, a ‘cutting edge’ brand leader of great magnitude and responsibility to humankind,” Wunderman said.

WOW! Mr. Wunderman, that is some set of accolades! it’s gotten me globally warm all over which may have an adverse effect on the environment around me.

BTW, Mr. Wunderman, you forgot to accolade Mr. Gore on the fact that he also invented the Internet!

We forgive you.

Diamond Engagement Ring Set by Vatche {Pics!}

Here is a photo collage of two of the most popular diamond engagement rings by Vatche, together with a matching wedding band by Vatche!

We took these photos for one of our customers…however, pictures hardly do any justice.

Here are links to these two VATCHE ENGAGEMENT RINGS:

1. Vatche Royal Crown w/diamond pave

2. Vatche X Prong w/diamond pave.

3. Vatche Matching Wedding band.

Pictures of Diamond Engagement Ring Set By Vatche

The Correct and Safe Way To Ship Your Engagement Ring.

An an Internet Seller of Fine Diamonds and Jewelry we do a tremendous amount of shipping with full insurance and safeguards to protect our Customers valuable merchandise.

The Insurance coverage we have is specific and tailored to our Industry and not available to the public. So what is a consumer to do if he/she has to ship their diamond engagement ring back to the vendor for re-sizing, polishing, etc. What is the safest way to ship your valuable jewelry?

We recommend to our customers that they use the U.S. Post Office with Registered Mail and return receipt Service. This is the safest, most secure way to send your valuable diamond engagement ring through the mail. The US Post office will insure up to $50,000.00 and your package is securely sealed and tracked every step of it’s journey back to the Vendor. It will take 3-5 days to reach the Vendor but your peace of mind is worth it.

United States Post Office: The safest way to ship your expensive diamond engagement ring.

DO NOT SHIP with Fedex or UPS They only insure up to 100/500 dollars and there have been several reports of internal employee theft.

The latest incident was reported on yesterday of a UPS Courier ripping open a UPS box and stealing a diamond engagement ring. Read this story and try very hard not to tear the hair out of your head. Protecting Your Diamond Engagement Ring From Theft

Be smart and careful out there.

Use The Internet Before Buying A Diamond Ring

I have blogged many times regarding the beauty of using the power of the Internet to make a diamond or jewelry purchase.

The Internet empowers consumers with important, crucial, and relevant information, regarding loose diamonds, engagement rings, jewelry, and precious metals.

Consumers get the latest information on styles, jewelry designs, designer jewelry companies, a loose diamonds characteristics..and so much more.

The price factor phenomena with the way the Internet brings profit margins down in every conceivable industry, is also a boon for conumers, who will either choose to buy (diamonds and jewelry)on the net, or use the Internet’s lower prices as leverage with their local (jewelry) stores.

However, there is yet an additional benefit in using the power of the Internet when in the market for loose diamonds or diamond jewelry.

This is the aspect of Research.

The Internet is a wellspring of feedback and information on companies in every industry.
Even jewelry stores who do not have an Internet website (and certainly those who do..) have customers who have left feedback on the net.

On the Internet, there are diamond and jewelry discussion groups and forums, where consumers leave feedback for companies they have purchased from.

Simply conduct a Google search for the jeweler you are contemplating doing business with. Chances are, you will find the “good, bad, …and maybe even the ugly”.

It is all there for you to digest and collate.

From excellent testimonials and accolades, to (sometimes) bitter complaints, and yes; even the lukewarm and minor issues…it is out there for all to see/read…..


Possibly The World’s Largest Diamond Found!

IDEX Online is reporting today a news report coming out of South Africa which claims that the world’s largest diamond has just been found!

The reports indicate that the diamond weighs twice as much as the famous Cullinan diamond, but does not specify its exact weight. At the moment, there is still no information regarding the diamond’s color or clarity either.

According to a report on SABC Radio, the diamond was found in South Africa’s northwest. Any other information, including who mined the diamond, was not available.

Previously, the largest diamond ever mined, the Cullinan, weighs 530.20 carats, but as a rough stone, it weighed 3,106.75 carats.

According to various sources in the diamond industry, because loose diamonds are mined in kimberlite, using crushers, chances are that this particular diamond was found in an alluvial mine.

The UK’s Guardian quoted diamond industry expert, Fred Cuellar, who has received some information about the stone. He said the first seven people who examined the stone thought it was industrial grade, though it appears this view is not final.

We will know what the story is with this diamond, just as soon as it has been examined by a panel of experts.

However, for the moment, people in the diamond industry are giddy with anticiaption.

To understand this incredible feeling, think Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record!!….