Corum Watches Names Its “Brand” Man Of The Year!

Global Brand Forum 2007 and Corum Timepieces have announced that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has been selected as the first “Brand Icon of the Year,” an honor that recognizes an individual’s contributions in the area of global branding.

Al Gore accepting his Corum Romvlvs Watch as “Brand” Icon Of The Year.


In a media release Global Brand Forum Chairman S. Karthik said “We choose Al Gore as our inaugural Brand Icon of the Year because of his unique and valuable contributions in the fields of media and the environment.”

In presenting Al Gore with the award—a legendary Romvlvs by Corum—Corum Timepieces President Michael Wunderman said that Gore represents the kind of determination and commitment to excellence that is admired by so many companies.

“I have high admiration and respect for Mr. Gore for his passion, determination and resolve to unlock his supremacy and conquer the challenges, whether as a politician or environmentalist, a ‘cutting edge’ brand leader of great magnitude and responsibility to humankind,” Wunderman said.

WOW! Mr. Wunderman, that is some set of accolades! it’s gotten me globally warm all over which may have an adverse effect on the environment around me.

BTW, Mr. Wunderman, you forgot to accolade Mr. Gore on the fact that he also invented the Internet!

We forgive you.

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