The Correct and Safe Way To Ship Your Engagement Ring.

An an Internet Seller of Fine Diamonds and Jewelry we do a tremendous amount of shipping with full insurance and safeguards to protect our Customers valuable merchandise.

The Insurance coverage we have is specific and tailored to our Industry and not available to the public. So what is a consumer to do if he/she has to ship their diamond engagement ring back to the vendor for re-sizing, polishing, etc. What is the safest way to ship your valuable jewelry?

We recommend to our customers that they use the U.S. Post Office with Registered Mail and return receipt Service. This is the safest, most secure way to send your valuable diamond engagement ring through the mail. The US Post office will insure up to $50,000.00 and your package is securely sealed and tracked every step of it’s journey back to the Vendor. It will take 3-5 days to reach the Vendor but your peace of mind is worth it.

United States Post Office: The safest way to ship your expensive diamond engagement ring.

DO NOT SHIP with Fedex or UPS They only insure up to 100/500 dollars and there have been several reports of internal employee theft.

The latest incident was reported on yesterday of a UPS Courier ripping open a UPS box and stealing a diamond engagement ring. Read this story and try very hard not to tear the hair out of your head. Protecting Your Diamond Engagement Ring From Theft

Be smart and careful out there.

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