Buy Your Diamond Engagement Rings and Get Gas.

That’s right. The title is not a typo and I did not make one L’Chaim too many.

News today from India that Consumers can shop for gold, diamond jewelry, and engagement rings while lining up to buy gasoline. Diamond firms Gitanjali Group and Sanghvi Exports, through a joint venture with Spectrum Jewelery, have partnered with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. in a deal that places the jewelry line at gasoline stations.


The stores, called a jewelry C-Store, are designed with 1,500 square feet of retail space. The first store opened in Bandra at a Hindustan Petroleum pump station.

So, it has come to this: Buying an item of infinite beauty that symbolizes Love, Dedication, Commitment, and Romance in the same place where you can buy Toilet paper, Antacids, Car-freshener, Pepto-Bismol, and Pretzels.

My opinion: Tasteless and No Class.

Diamond ‘Bling’ With No Sting!

“Bling without Sting is Totally Worthless. (this posting is not in any way a “digg” at the people behind the sign above..I just thought the picture was appropriate..;-)

A colleague of ours just informed me of a new “connection” he made for diamond jewelry manufactured in India.

This manufacturer creates all kinds of jewelry; from mens diamond cufflinks, to womens diamond pendants and brooches.

“These guys are so incredibly cheap” he tells me; “ya gotta give them a try”.
“You’re gonna be able to charge the same prices for this stuff and make a killing, instead of your razor thin profit margins on all the stuff you sell”

No brain-er right?

I told him, I was used to offering quality diamond jewelry to our customers, where the set diamonds as small as they might be, actually have life and brilliancy to them.

It was my experience (I told him), that many of these manufacturers in India and other places who create “diamond jewelry” at really cheap prices, are using “diamonds” that are of such poor cut quality, they literally look dull and lifeless.

I call this kind of jewelry, “all bling with no sting”.

I mean, just walking in the N.Y.C. Diamond District and looking around, I can always distinguish the inferior quality “jewelry” items originating from these places where jewelry is created on “the cheap”, vs. the higher quality diamonds and jewelry fashioned for beauty and brilliancy as opposed to refuge and “scrap”.

My opinion is, ya gotta have a modicum of pride in what you do and sell.
Ultimately, if everything was always about the “Almighty Dollar”, people would wind up selling their own mothers to make a buck!

The bottom line is, you need to have some pride in the quality and consistency of the merchandise you sell.

What you lose in profits based upon your own cost of manufacture vs. the selling price, you can more than make up for with building and cultivating a reputation for the highest standards for honesty and quality.

Just my two cents.

Engagement Ring Gets Praise!

It’s always gratifying and appreciated to get positive feedback from our Customers.

Here is an e-mail we received today from Ken C. who purchased our 1.57 G SI-1 SuperbCert Hearts & Arrows Ideal Diamond and had it set by noted Designer Mark Morrell in his beautiful “Flame” Setting.

“Hi Barry! As promised, here are some pics of my new ring. The diamond is just as you advertised and its absolutely beautiful and EYE-CLEAN!!! Thanks for all your help and i’ll definitely use you guys as a referral. Mark did an absolutely amazing job, I hope you like em!!”



I1 Clarity Graded GIA Certified Diamonds Can Be Beautiful And ‘Eye-Clean’!

Whoever said that I1 clarity graded diamonds could not be perfectly ‘eye-clean’ (no visible imperfections to the naked eye), did not see this beautiful GIA Certified 1.23 G I1 Round Ideal Cut Diamond which I photographed today for a customer!

Awesome diamond, totally eye-clean….and absolutely breathtaking!!
Ohh….and before I forget….incredible value for the money….nobody would know this wasn’t a rare and expensive flawless diamond by looking at it from a normal viewing distance with the unaided eye!

Moral of the story is; if you are working on a limited budget and want an absolutely brilliant diamond, ….icy white,…. in the largest size you can get……..go for an ideal cut round diamond, with a solid color grade (D-I) and lower (eye-clean) clarity grade!!

Now for the pics.

Looks good huh!!

Engagement Rings By Vatche. 2008 Designs Preview!!

World class designer of fine diamond engagement rings, Designs by Vatche, is now showcasing some new jaw dropping diamond rings for the upcoming 2008 season!

Vatche engagement rings 2008.

As the Authorized retailer for Vatche diamond engagement rings in New York City, we are particularly excited about some of these beautiful new engagement ring designs by Vatche!

I am confident that these new engagement rings are going to be immensely popular!

We are already accepting orders for these new diamond engagement rings and will be adding them to our website very shortly. Contact ExcelDiamonds or Designs by Vatche for more information.

Jacob The Jeweler Now Selling Vodka!

Jacob The Jeweler, known for his “blinged out watches,” is currently being investigated for allegedly using his watch empire to launder $270 million in drug money.

Well, it seems Jacob has recently turned his interests to Vodka and is now manufacturing a new Vodka brand of his own exclusive label!


Luxist reports, the new Vodka is named for Jacob…and is actually his own name spelled backwards…”Bocaj”.

We wish him all the best of luck with his new Vodka………he’s probably gonna need it during his featured trial and verdict. :-) ;-)

Mood Sensing Jewelry!


Did you ever wish your jewelry would reflect your mood??

Here is what this company says about their new product:

“Skintile the Electronic Sensing Jewelry further explores emotional and physiological sensing. It is a new genre of product; a generation of wireless, stick-on body sensors that re-define traditional body adornment. It explores a range of functionalities in new product forms that are playful, sensual, mood affected, bio activity stimulated, and arousal enhancing. It is a semi disposable, bio compatible, non-allergenic, breathable, mass customizable, self contained body worn accessory”. (