A Belt With A Platinum Buckle For $18,000


Kale Miles is a small men’s-accessories company whose belts usually run $240 to $380. This one is $18,000. Kale Miles designer Kristina Pitaniello and co-founder Bill Miles were recently asked what makes their belt cost more than a car, or 400 times more than the $45 version from Banana Republic.

The bulk of the price comes from the buckle: It’s platinum, about seven-to-eight ounces’ worth. Currently, an ounce of platinum is $1555. If the price goes up or down in a day, that will change the cost of the belt.

It takes about three weeks for Pitaniello to make the buckle in a Boston workshop. Of course, no two are alike.

People who willingly spend 18k on a belt makes me wonder how much their trousers are worth!!

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