What Is A “Cultured” Diamond?

A. Rare.

B. Large

C. Very Large.

D. Expensive and only affordably worn by High Society.

E. None of the Above.

Answer: E

Under current FTC guidelines, “cultured” diamonds describes diamonds that are man-made in the laboratory and not mined from the Earth. Did you know that? If you said No, you can join the majority of diamond shopping consumers who are not clear what the term “cultured” diamond refers to.

A petition submitted to the FTC by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee on behalf of itself and ten major Diamond and Jewelry Trade Organizations recently requested that the FTC amend their regulations so that man-made diamonds also include the terms “laboratory created,” “laboratory grown”, “[manufacturers name] created” or “synthetic.” Using only the term “cultured” to describe man made/synthetic diamonds is misleading and deceptive to the consumer, claimed the JVC. The FTC declined to follow the request of the JVC and is maintaining that the term “cultured” is sufficient to apprise consumers of the difference between man-made synthetics versus mined diamonds.

What do you think?

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Breaking Up Is Easy To Do.

Do you intend to break up with your girlfriend?

Your fear the sweaty palms, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and queasy stomach. The screaming, crying, and hysterics.

Well guys, sweat and fret no more. Your salvation has cometh.

The Associated Press reports today that a free new phone service called Slydial will eliminate you having to have that nasty personal confrontation.

With Slydial you connect directly with another person’s cellphone voice mail, bypassing the traditional ringing process that usually results in someone picking up on the other end.

You call (267) SLY-DIAL and are told to enter your girlfriends cellphone number.
After playing a short advertisement – unless you want to pay a subscription fee or 15 cents per call to skip ads – Slydial puts you directly into your target’s voice mail. Then you make your break up announcement and you’re hot to trot again.


Gold In Iceland

No, this is not the name of a diamond and jewelery company.

Iceland Review reports that Archeologists have discovered a gold ring in a grave in Skriduklaustur in east Iceland where there used to be a monastery. The discovery is considered significant because very few gold rings have been found in archeological excavations in Iceland.

The ring is engraved with a leafy pattern that indicates that the ring was made in the 16th or 17th century. The monastery church in Skriduklaustur was used after Iceland converted to Lutheranism in 1550 and until the 18th century, so it is not clear whether the ring dates before or after the church began operating.

The ring was found in an elaborate grave. The coffin was two-meters long even though the person resting there was much smaller. The lid of the coffin has an inscription, but so far, archeologists haven’t been able to decode it.

Who would want to Honeymoon in Iceland?

Sure, Diamonds Are Love; But Diamonds Are Also Now A Hot Commodity!

Guys, Giving her a diamond engagement ring symbolizes your love, emotion, and long-term committment.

But not to get you depressed or disallusioned, diamonds are now also a very, very hot commodity.

Bloomberg News
reports of the astronomical sums being paid for large high color high clarity diamonds and colored semi-precious stones in todays market. Factors responsible for this are the weak dollar, high oil prices, weak stock markets, and falling real estate values which place world economies into recession/stagflation modes.

Could you see your girlfriend wearing a D-Flawless Emerald Cut 243.96 ct Diamond costing $100 million!!!! Or how about a 5 carat Gem at $1 million?!

Who would have thunk that diamonds would one day be traded just like cattle futures?! Well that day is here and now.


Which would YOU rather have?

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Diamonds: Is Smuggling Across Borders Finito?

Diamond smuggling may become a thing of the past if Israeli Customs has anything to say about it.

The ‘Millimeter Waves’ device, manufactured by Transportation Security Administration of the USA, is the United States agency established after the terror attacks of September 11 2001 to be responsible for the security of the transportation systems in the United States, can be used to detect smuggled diamonds, Rafi Gabay, Head of Customs at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, told Israeli daily Ma’ariv.

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