Broken Engagement? What To Do With That Engagement Ring?

That’s assuming she gives it back to you.

We have previously blogged on this topic, providing the names of e-commerce sites that will sell your engagement ring at significantly higher prices than you can get from a retail jeweler.

Bloomberg News this morning reports on this topic and again provides the names of several websites that will broker your engagement ring and obtain higher prices than you can get on your own.

The story is here: Take My Engagement Ring, PLEA$E!!

Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Over A Cell Phone!!


Would you buy this 3 stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring over your cell phone??

Several recent purchases of diamond engagement rings were actually completed over a cellular telephone!

This brings an entirely new meaning to the online diamond shopping experience! Honestly, I cannot imagine that the initial research by these customers was conducted over a 3-4 inch cell phone screen. Probably, they did their homework on a regular computer screen and only consummated the actual purchase over a cell phone (Iphone..I wasn’t sure which…).

Either way, I find this to be an incredible indication of where we are going with the Internet revolution!

Diamond Prices And Engagement Rings Going Higher And More Expensive?!

The answer is Yes.

A report in todays Namibia New Era Updates indicates the the the size and quality of mined diamond rough is decreasing and that diamond site holders are concerned about the long-term viability of their diamond cutting and polishing factories and retention of their skilled diamond cutters.

Diamond prices saw significant across the board price increases from half carat to the rarer high quality 2 carats and above just recently in May 2008. No doubt more price increases are on the way. Your diamond engagement ring is becoming more and more expensive!

More at this link: Diamond$ Going Up And Away!

What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

The Radiant Cut has 70 facets and is distinguishable by its cut corners. The Radiant shape combines the best elegant elements of the Emerald Cut with the brilliance of the round brilliant shape.

Radiant Cut diamonds may either be rectangular or square in shape. GIA refers to rectangular radiants as “Cut Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant” and the square Radiant shape as “Cut Corner Square Modified Brilliant”.

Here are pictures of both radiant shapes. Both are beautiful. Which do you like best?


Size Matters For Diamond Engagement Rings

We have begun noticing a recent trend which I find to be unusual given today’s suffering economy.
More and more women are choosing bigger diamonds for their engagement rings.

Of the many couples who visited with us this week in our diamond showroom, approximately 45% of them were looking at diamonds totaling over 2 carats

I’m not sure exactly what is going on…..

The rich getting richer, or the poor getting poorer?? :-) :-)

Hey, I’m not complaining!


Engagement rings of prominence!