Do you buy wholesale diamonds online??

We get asked all of the time, whether we’d be willing to drop our prices on any given item(s) in order to complete a sale. Assuredly, people are free to try and negotiate a discount, this is after all a Capitalistic society.

Although we do offer a price match policy so that we are not undersold, we also take great pride in our unrivaled level of actual data and information which we provide to our clients. Moreover, the fact that we are a completely transparent company has a spill over effect on the way that we price our merchandise.

Our desire is to place our best foot forward. All of our items are priced with a razor thin profit margin. We do not artificially inflate our prices in anticipation of a negotiation process, whereby we can drop the asking ‘retail price’ and make you feel like you got a great deal, while we come away with our originally intended profits. We respect the intelligence of our customers and do not wish to engage in these types of practices. Assuredly, this means that we will sometimes ‘undercharge’ on certain items. However, the salient point for us is to maintain a transparent business model.

In short; there is nothing ‘list’ or ‘retail’ about our prices. Our customers who do their research before buying their diamonds online from our company, see this for themselves.

While we certainly appreciate the desire and request for a further discount, it is certainly interesting to sometimes note their expectations and the way in which they express these expectations.

Thanks Barry S.!

Toddler Flushes Moms’ Ring Down The Toilet!

The cutest little toddler flushed Mommys rings down the toilet.


Methinks Mom ‘ought to be more careful before she leaves her jewelry sitting pretty on the edge of the bathroom sink, with the door ajar and a curious toddler roaming the house and ‘doing his thing’!

Watch the clip and see what happened!

Vivid Blue Internally Flawless Diamond Fetches Record Price!

Sotheby’s on Tuesday named Joseph Lau Luen-Hung as the buyer of the cushion-shaped 7.03-carat, vivid blue, IF diamond that fetched a record-breaking $9.48 million at auction last week. Lau is a renowned Hong Kong collector and connoisseur.

Lau is a real estate investor who owns a 71 percent stake in Chinese Estates Holdings, and is ranked as Hong Kong’s fifth richest person by Forbes Magazine, with a net worth of around $4 billion.

Lau has named the stone “Star of Josephine.” The auction house noted that the diamond sale, which took place May 12 in Geneva, broke two auction records — the world record price per carat for any gemstone at auction, and world record price for a fancy vivid blue diamond at auction.

Weddings Going Green

Interesting article today in The Christian Science Monitor on “Green” weddings.

1. Re-cycled confetti
2. Recycled wedding dresses
3. Re-cycled engagement rings

Read it here: Weddings Going Green

The Christian Science Monitor

Question?: Why stop here? Take this to the Max by cutting out the lights at the wedding ceremony to save energy and our planet.

Wedding by candlelight. How romantic.