CIBJO Sees The Diamond Light.

CIBJO, the World Jewelery Confederation, which had previously only approved the use of the word “synthetic” in reference to diamonds created in a lab, has now expanded the number of terms it deems acceptable to use in reference to the stones.

In the interest of consumer protection, CIBJO accepted the terms ‘laboratory-grown’ diamond, ‘laboratory-created’ diamond and ‘synthetic’ diamond to describe non-natural diamonds.

Previously, CIBJO only recognized the term “synthetic” to describe lab-grown diamonds. The decision to broaden its definition of acceptable terminology brings the international organization in line with the position adopted earlier by other major industry groups regarding lab-grown diamonds.

Tough Economy Leads Hearts On Fire To Retrench.

Hearts on Fire yesterday announced that they are closing accounts at more than 120 retail stores in what they describe as being “underperforming accounts”.

Hearts on Fire founded in 1996, markets itself as being home to “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond,” and the brand prides itself on creating a lifetime relationship between customers and Hearts on Fire jewelers.

Hearts on Fire is sold in 34 countries, including the USA, UK, Asia and the Caribbean.

Would You Give This Type of Diamond for Valentine’s Day?

DNA2Diamonds is a company that creates diamonds from carbon taken from dead people.

These diamonds are created from carbon taken from a lock of hair or cremated remains from your personal loved one or pet in 70 days or less. Various options for diamond shapes, colors, and sizes ranging from a quarter (.25) carat up to two (2) carats can be chosen.

More information about their service can be found here:

Wear Your Beloved On Your Sleeve, Hand, Ear, or Neck