Are you Getting Married this year on December 12th?

Yes, this year December 12th comes out to 12-12-12, the last triple date for the next 100 years!

Wedding planners, Caterers, hotels and restaurants are flooding the airwaves and print media with advertisements of special offers for weddings on 12/12/12.  A range of options,  from “luxurious” ceremonies to “economy” models are being offered. Price ranges, are accompanied by misty soft-focus illustrations of wedding rings, cakes and adoring couples gazing longingly at each other.

No doubt the inside band of the diamond engagement rings and wedding bands will be inscribed with “12-12-12″  in addition to an additional personal message or phrase.

Cities and towns all over the world from Australia to Finland to Russia, to the USA, and Asia are reporting a torrent of bookings of wedding ceremonies on December 12.

One country, however, is an exception to this wedding booking frenzy and that is Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is currently observing the 40-day lent period of Advent before Christmas, a time during which weddings are not allowed.

Church weddings are ceremonial but not legal, given that Bulgaria’s constitution specifies that marriage is a civil union between a man and a woman – a provision, by the way, that forestalls gay marriages in Bulgaria. December 12 will see only weddings at state civil marriage offices on a strictly heterosexual basis.


Beautiful 1 Carat Cushion Modified Brilliant Cushion Diamond Gets Paired To Our Designer Inspired Engagement Ring Setting.

We recently sold this beautiful GIA Graded 1.02 I Color, VS-2 Clarity carat Cushion Modified diamond and set it into our Designer Inspired Legacy style setting, # 1544.




Deep Fancy Blue Briolette Diamond Sold For 10.8 Million At Auction!

A rare 10.48 carat flawless, Fancy Deep Blue Briolette diamond was sold this week by Sotheby’s and set a new record at auction for a deep blue diamond and briolette shape.

The sale price was more than twice the high-end pre-sale price estimate set by Sotheby’s.

Graded by GIA, the stone received the Lab’s highest grade for Polish and Symmetry.