Christie’s To Auction Largest Briolette Diamond Ever!

Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale on May 28 will feature the largest briolette diamond that has ever appeared at auction. The 75.36-carat diamond is part of a pendant necklace that includes a marquise-cut purplish pink diamond suspended above the briolette. The two diamonds are joined by a briolette diamond neck chain mounted in 18k rose and white gold. The necklace is estimated to fetch $8.5 to $12.5 million.

The briolette has been graded as D color and type IIa, indicating its internally flawless clarity, excellent polish, high level of chemical purity and exceptional optical transparency.

New Bluetooth is a Black Diamond

The Acase Black Diamond III portable Bluetooth speaker designed by Yantouch features a glowing crystal that changes colors to the music.

Inside the orb, there is room for speakers, a subwoofer, a Bluetooth receiver, and, of course, electronics to illuminate the thing. In addition to serving as a dodecahedron for the desk this color-shifting Black Diamond even provides an inner storage chamber for the remote. What more could you want for your Doctor Who-themed office?

The Black Diamond III is available now for $120 from Amazon.

Kim Kardashian Keeping Humphrey’s Bling.

Kim Kardashian’s refusal to return her engagement ring from basketball star Kris Humphries has already lasted fives longer than their actual marriage.

Kardashian contends that she has no obligation to return the bling because the former couple’s prenup states that she is entitled to keep the estimated $2 million 21.5 Carat diamond. Humphries says that the marriage was a total sham and that Kim only wed him for publicity so therefore she has no right to keep such an expensive gift.

The estranged couple is set to return to court in mid February to determine a trial date.





Diamond Studded Knife Celebrates Victorinox 120th Birthday

What happens when one of the most popular gadgets of all time is paired with gold and diamonds?

Excess, or pure decide!


Victorinox is celebrating its 120 birthday this year. To celebrate, the company has given the iconic Swiss Army Knife a complete “bling-over”.

The 74 mm (three inch) Executive Knife was specially created with a yellow gold case and 430 tiny diamonds, totalling a whopping four carats! This is the most “inexpensive” model, with a price tag of only $50,000. There is also a platinum version for $70,000. Inside, you have a large blade, small blade, nail file and nail cleaner, scissors, tweezers and the multi-purpose “orange-peeler with screwdriver”.

VIA: Shiny Shiny

Bling Bling Necklace For Men

We are all familiar with those folks who are infatuated with “brand names” for everything they own.

They don’t care if they could actually purchase something of the same quality or better, without the name, at a fraction of the price….they would rather pay more for the “NAME”.

For these people comes the perfect bling necklace.


The gold-plated steel pendant pimps labels like Diesel, Coca Cola, and even Kleenex. Perfect for the man who loves bling and brand names and is not afraid to show it.

The Difference with the SuperbCert Diamond Brand

Our company sells our exclusive, signature “brand name diamond” called SuperbCert.

This gorgeous, Hearts and Arrows diamond is available with a wealth of information and documentation.

However, the big difference is that you do not pay more money for the brand over a comparable, unbranded hearts & arrows or ideal cut diamond.

World Trade Center Tribute In Solid Gold and Diamonds!

Some time ago, we blogged on Nayna Mehta who is a Mumbai born designer and jewelry store owner.

She had created a gorgeous tribute to the World Trade Center in New York.
This tribute was designed to be a memorial to those who perished on 9.11., as well as her own way of expressing her grief.

Since she was the focus of an in-depth article in this months GIA magazine, I’d like to give her kudos once again and showcase her amazing masterpiece!



The “Twin Towers” are made of 18kt. yellow gold which represents purity. Inside each tower are four solid pillars of 18kt. gold measuring 185 mm in height. The piece’s base and surrounding structures, including North & South Plaza buildings, the U.S. Customs office and hotel, are also made of 18kt. yellow gold.

Altogether, the gold weight totals almost 48 ounces.

The windows – all 110 floors on each tower, are made of 0.02 carat, 1.4 mm princess cut diamonds with excellent and uniform color/clarity grades. The shape of the diamonds were also chosen for their uniformity.

In all, there are 14,080 diamonds, totaling 255 carats in weight!!!

Nayna and her team created the towers using the lost-wax casting technique, and made each of the surrounding towers by hand.

As a final touch, she engraved a poem, written with her family, into the base of the piece where the Towers courtyard once was:

Those innocent souls we’ll never forget,
United us all in a single breath.
We shed not tears, only our doubts,
Vowed to destroy all vicious clouts.
Stronger we rose, with a will so bold,
As hard as diamonds and as pure as gold.
Victorious we emerged, it’s plain to see,
So come join this anthem and sing with me:


“Bling My Thing” – Cover Your Stuff In Crystals!

Bling My Thing is a German company that lets you deck your stuff in crystal, Swarovski crystal to be exact!

Last year, this company based in Berlin blinged out over 10,000 cell phones.!

Check out the custom dashboard they made for a Cadillac XLR with 20,000 Swarovski crystals.


Bling My Thing is exploding with popularity no small thanks to Hollywood bigwigs like Paris Hilton, Bruce Willis and Pink who haved ‘iced out’ their cell phones.

The bottom line is that anything and everything can be “blinged out”; including cell phones, PDA’s, sneakers, cigars, pens, baby bottles, false teeth (you read right..;-), IPOD’s, logos, money clips, eyeglasses etc.

For the right price, they can even bling out your gal!