My Reservations With The Isee2 Diamonds Technology

Since we are often asked whether we use the Isee2 diamonds technology in tandem with our plethora of scientific info. for our listed diamonds, i’d like to post here with my documented reservations regarding the science behind this machine.

Although the company behind the Isee2 technology is a reputable company manufacturing beautiful ideal cut diamonds, I expressed reservations in that blog on Diamond Vues regarding the ability of the machine itself to be used as an accurate measure of a diamonds brilliancy, given that it was developed for use with this companies own signature diamonds.

I posed some legitimate questions and engaged in a very civil and meaningful discussion with the chief engineer for the Isee2 technology who had much to add and his own perspective to share.

While I am certainly not the final arbiter on the value of a scientific machine, I can only express my own cogent and salient points regarding our position (and that of many others in the industry) and to let the customer reach his/her own conclusion, re: the value of this machines measurement output.