Why Are Loose Diamonds On The Net So Much Cheaper? | Watch This Video.

I’m sure you have heard the expression “sounds too good to be true”.

This video I just put together explores the “sounds too good to be true” syndrome, specifically as it pertains to the discrepancy often noted between the prices for diamonds on the net vs. the prices for similar or identical diamonds at traditional “bricks and mortar” jewelry stores.


Diamonds and jewelry sold on the net are often far less expensive than identical diamonds being sold in stores. Are these diamonds and jewelry truly identical? Is there something wrong with the diamonds being sold on the net? Why are the loose diamonds so much cheaper on the internet?

Watch my video and find out…video is about 4 minutes long….and I hope you’ll find it useful.

The Same Loose Diamond Is Being Sold On Several Websites??

If you are in the market for a loose diamond or engagement ring, you may have noticed an interesting phenomena where you find the exact same diamond listed on several different diamond websites.

You start wondering, how can it be that the exact same loose diamond is being sold on several different diamond websites? Who actually owns the stone and who should you buy the diamond from?

It’s nerve wracking altogether to buy a diamond engagement ring online…so it certainly doesn’t help when you experience several different diamond vendors showcasing the exact same diamond you are interested in..

Who owns the stone and who is in the best position to make sure you are gonna be thrilled with the diamond?

Watch this video and find out!