A Beautiful Old Miner Diamond For You!

Old Mine Diamonds were cut and popular in 18th and 19th century and most often set  into Georgian and Victorian jewelry. The notable characteristics of this cut  are the open culet,  small table facet, high angle Crown and Pavilion facets, thin girdles, and an irregular uneven shape. Diamond cutting tools were not as technologically advanced as they are today and the main objective of the Diamond cutter was maximum weight retention.

Nevertheless, the unique facet structure and facet alignment of these diamonds does result in a beautiful face up look that is most pleasing to the eye.

During the early 1980′s the price of Gold rose dramatically in a very short period of time and consumers cashed in by selling their Vintage and Antique diamond rings which were set with Old Mine and Old European Cut diamonds to Gold Refiners . These Antique stones were immediately recut into modern brilliant round shape diamonds.

Today, Old Mine and Old European Cut diamonds have come back in vogue and popularity and are much sought after for setting into Vintage and Antique Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, and Customized Rings. The reduced supply of these diamonds combined with their increased popularity have resulted in price premiums.

Below, we show you two beautiful Old mine Cut diamonds:


Yellow Engagement Rings: Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds Are A Great Option For Your Engagement Ring.

Fancy Intense yellow diamonds in all of the diamond shapes are becoming increasingly popular as the choice for the diamond engagement ring center stone. The richness of the color, the intensity, and distribution across the entire face of these diamonds makes for a very powerful and sparkling visual impact.

Whether you choose a solitaire prong engagement ring, three-stone ring, or a halo diamond accent ring and have your fancy intense yellow center diamond surrounded by smaller white or colored stones, the total visual impact will be powerful and scintillating.

Here is a 1.62 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut diamond that we recently sold:

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Sterling Jewelers Sues Zales Over Diamond “Brilliance”.

Sterling, operator of Kay Jewelers and other stores nationwide, says in its lawsuit that Zale, based in Irving, Texas, is falsely claiming in advertisements that its Celebration Fire diamond is “the most brilliant diamond in the world.”

Sterling says Zale promotes the Fire diamond “as the most brilliant diamond in the world” on its website, its Facebook page, on Twitter and in stores. The company also says Zale makes a similar claim in its catalog. Sterling says in the lawsuit that the “independent laboratory testing,” cited by Zale in some promotional materials, falls short. It notes that the testing was limited, involving only diamonds from select leading national jewelry chains and could only be valid if the comparison was made against every diamond cut in the world.

Zales has not commented.

Tiffany Earnings down 30% on Soft Economy.

Tiffany & Co. announced last Thursday that it is downgrading its full-year sales forecast amid slow revenue growth and a sharp drop in net earnings.

In the third quarter ended Oct. 31, Tiffany’s same-store sales in the Americas increased 1 percent while total sales were up 3 percent to $400 million.

Sales in the New York flagship store rose 5 percent in the period while comparable branch store sales fell 1 percent. Internet and catalog sales were up 3 percent.

Worldwide, same-store sales were up 1 percent for the New York-based retailer and total sales increased 4 percent to $852.7 million. Net earnings fell 30 percent, from $90 million to $63 million.

Beautiful 1 Carat Cushion Modified Brilliant Cushion Diamond Gets Paired To Our Designer Inspired Engagement Ring Setting.

We recently sold this beautiful GIA Graded 1.02 I Color, VS-2 Clarity carat Cushion Modified diamond and set it into our Designer Inspired Legacy style setting, # 1544.




Touch and Feel Diamond Engagement RingsThrough Your Computer!

What did you say?

Yes, I said it and believe it. This is not a Rod Serling Twilight Zone imagination run amuck, but truly there will come a time in the not too distant future when we will be able to touch and feel diamonds and jewelry from our computer.

Indeed,The Sun this week reported that Hong Kong scientists have developed a robotic hand that allows people talking over the web to experience the sensation of touching each other — even feeling the strength of a handshake.

The cyber hand can grip and shake as well as make the signs for OK and ‘V’ for victory.

Professor Liu Yunhui, who led researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said: “At this moment the function is not perfect and it can’t copy exactly, partly because the robot hand is different from the human hand in terms of the degree of freedom of movement it has.

“There are also a few errors such as delays in processing and mechanical problems. But in the future it will be possible to produce more sophisticated and more dextrous movements.”

Users wear a wrist band which picks up electrical impulses generated by muscles as they contract.

It was originally designed to help the elderly keep in contact with their loved ones in a more personal way.

Prof Liu added: “Although they can show their care through phone calls, physical touch is still a better way to express love.

“The main obstacle we have at the moment is the cost. Our project target was to produce a toy.
It was intended to be low cost and so there were constraints because of the money we could spend. If you want high dexterity it is possible, but you need more motors and you have to spend more money.”

The team intends to make progress with future models looking like the human hand — and one day hope to make an entire person which could copy every one of your movements.