New Bluetooth is a Black Diamond

The Acase Black Diamond III portable Bluetooth speaker designed by Yantouch features a glowing crystal that changes colors to the music.

Inside the orb, there is room for speakers, a subwoofer, a Bluetooth receiver, and, of course, electronics to illuminate the thing. In addition to serving as a dodecahedron for the desk this color-shifting Black Diamond even provides an inner storage chamber for the remote. What more could you want for your Doctor Who-themed office?

The Black Diamond III is available now for $120 from Amazon.

Do you buy wholesale diamonds online??

We get asked all of the time, whether we’d be willing to drop our prices on any given item(s) in order to complete a sale. Assuredly, people are free to try and negotiate a discount, this is after all a Capitalistic society.

Although we do offer a price match policy so that we are not undersold, we also take great pride in our unrivaled level of actual data and information which we provide to our clients. Moreover, the fact that we are a completely transparent company has a spill over effect on the way that we price our merchandise.

Our desire is to place our best foot forward. All of our items are priced with a razor thin profit margin. We do not artificially inflate our prices in anticipation of a negotiation process, whereby we can drop the asking ‘retail price’ and make you feel like you got a great deal, while we come away with our originally intended profits. We respect the intelligence of our customers and do not wish to engage in these types of practices. Assuredly, this means that we will sometimes ‘undercharge’ on certain items. However, the salient point for us is to maintain a transparent business model.

In short; there is nothing ‘list’ or ‘retail’ about our prices. Our customers who do their research before buying their diamonds online from our company, see this for themselves.

While we certainly appreciate the desire and request for a further discount, it is certainly interesting to sometimes note their expectations and the way in which they express these expectations.

Thanks Barry S.!

Heartfelt Testimonial For

I just saw this beautiful testimonial placed up today on from one of our very happy customers!

“Just wanted to share our terrific experience with Barry at Excel Diamonds, who helped my fiancé & I get an absolutely stunning engagement ring. I came upon Barry after conducting extensive internet research (I read a lot of positive reviews on him and Excel Diamonds) and meeting with a number of jewelers in the NYC diamond district that were recommended by friends. Barry is a consummate professional and it was a pleasure dealing with him from start to finish. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable (which not all jewelers, surprisingly enough, are), we decided to go with Barry as he respected out budget and really worked with us to find the best quality stone within our price range – not once did he try to pressure us into raising our budget (as many jewelers will do). Barry was also extremely patient, and happily answered all of the questions that we had. In the end, we decided to get both the stone and setting from Barry – we went with the Superbcert Tiffany replica and couldn’t be happier. We feel that we got a tremendous value for our purchase and the appraiser confirmed our belief, as the estimated replacement value was indeed materially higher than what we paid. The stone is absolutely gorgeous, and the craftsmanship of the setting is really stunning. I looked long and hard for a 6 prong setting for several months and was disappointed with every setting I saw. Many 6 prong settings are not that great – a lot of them just look like afterthoughts. The Tiffany replica setting, however, is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is also an engineering feat as it enhances the natural beauty and size of the stone. The ring is absolutely stunning, that’s the only way to describe it. Barry is a real pleasure to work with and I will happily recommend him to any of my friends and will certainly go to him for any future purchases”.

A Heartfelt Testimonial For!

I am always touched when we receive a heartfelt testimonial from one of our many thousands of satisfied customers.

It seems that folks always know how to contact a company if/when issues arise (and G-d knows we are all human…;-)).

However, people sometimes tend to forget to give the same constructive feedback when they are thrilled with their product(s) and services.

If we received a testimonial for every happy customer, we would have thousands of them!
Unfortunately, not even a fraction of customers send a thank you note….

Therefore, when we do get a beautiful note like the one below (received today via e-mail) we are extremely touched.

Here it is in her own words:


Hello Barry and Judah,

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service and for the absolutely wonderful diamond. Your web site was very informative and answered a lot of questions I had. Barry your patience was very much appreciated and went a long way to alleviate a lot of my anxiety at buying a diamond online. We received the diamond on Friday and when I looked at it I was taken back by how beautiful it is. I knew this was an exceptional diamond when I saw it sparkling in the sunlight through the window. It brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely love it and I will never ever by another diamond through a store again!!! We went to have it appraised for my insurance and to choose my setting on Saturday at one of Ottawa’s Finer Jewellers and (I am sure you know the value).

The appraiser called my .80 Superbcert Hearts and Arrows D VS1, with adjectives like ” wow, an absolutely stunning, top of the line Brilliant Diamond. Gorgeous!

That just made me smile. I have my diamond with me and when my ring is ready, I will bring it in and watch them set it. I couldn’t part with it.

This diamond ring represents 21 years of marriage to a wonderful man and this diamond has truly captured that.

Thank you guys very much and I will recommend to my friends or anyone that asks me. You guys really know your stuff and are a pleasure to deal with.


Want That Really Expensive Jewelry? Marry This Guy!

My Sister In-Law sent me this really funny link this morning, which I embedded on You Tube (I subsequently found it plastered all over You Tube…).

For all you diamond and jewelry lovers out there and all you gals who have specific ( and usually substantial..;-)) diamond engagement rings on your dream “wish list”, this guy would make the Perfect Husband!

The Wedding Ring Coffin – Give A Dead Marriage The Proper Burial!

This is one of the funniest and most clever marketing ideas I have seen in a very long time!

The Wedding Ring Coffin


The company that manufactures and sells this product, markets it with the following blurb:

Give a dead marriage
its proper, final resting place.
The Wedding Ring Coffin is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one for bringing closure after a divorce. It’s time to……BURY IT!


The best part, is that for the $29 it costs to purchase this coffin, you can even add your own customized faceplate and message to the coffin, so that you can really stick it to your Ex!!


Via: The Presurfer