Kelly Clarksons Diamond Engagement Ring.

Making her first public appearance since she accepted Brandon Blackstock’s marriage proposal, Kelly Clarkson sowed off her new massive yellow diamond engagement ring at Sunday’s VH1 Divas concert.

The ring features a huge canary diamond as the centerpiece with smaller white diamonds surrounding the main stone. There are additional smaller-sized pave set diamonds going all the way around the band.

Kelly Clarkson Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you Getting Married this year on December 12th?

Yes, this year December 12th comes out to 12-12-12, the last triple date for the next 100 years!

Wedding planners, Caterers, hotels and restaurants are flooding the airwaves and print media with advertisements of special offers for weddings on 12/12/12.  A range of options,  from “luxurious” ceremonies to “economy” models are being offered. Price ranges, are accompanied by misty soft-focus illustrations of wedding rings, cakes and adoring couples gazing longingly at each other.

No doubt the inside band of the diamond engagement rings and wedding bands will be inscribed with “12-12-12″  in addition to an additional personal message or phrase.

Cities and towns all over the world from Australia to Finland to Russia, to the USA, and Asia are reporting a torrent of bookings of wedding ceremonies on December 12.

One country, however, is an exception to this wedding booking frenzy and that is Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is currently observing the 40-day lent period of Advent before Christmas, a time during which weddings are not allowed.

Church weddings are ceremonial but not legal, given that Bulgaria’s constitution specifies that marriage is a civil union between a man and a woman – a provision, by the way, that forestalls gay marriages in Bulgaria. December 12 will see only weddings at state civil marriage offices on a strictly heterosexual basis.


New York City Diamond Engagement Rings Online!


The New York City Diamond District

Did you know that some internet based diamond engagement rings and jewelry businesses are actually located in the heart of the New York City Diamond District?

Yes, indeed. In the city that never sleeps, you’ll find a whole lot more than hip culture and fine dining. The New York City diamond center offers gorgeous diamonds and exquisite diamond rings and engagement rings at outstanding prices.

Browse a selection of diamond rings, pendants and fabulous custom made diamond wedding rings and engagement rings, right here in New York City.

Look, the bottom line is, a trip to Manhattan is always worth the effort. From landmarks like the Empire State Building all the way down to the delight and sights of Canal Street, there is something for everyone in New York.

My suggestion; go to a bar, grab a bite to eat and then catch a beautiful Broadway show right here in Times Square.

I’ve seen many people come flying in to New York city for a couple of days of R&R and to purchase a diamond engagement ring from the historic New York diamond district.

Stay in a beautiful hotel, enjoy fine dining and buy the engagement ring of your dreams, right here in New York!

10 Ways NOT To Propose To Your Girlfriend!

Since there are about a million articles in cyberspace on engagement proposal ideas, I thought it would be cool and refreshing if I could put up a post that actually deals with what NOT to do when proposing to your girlfriend….

Thanks to Barry for being the inspiration on this

Here we go!

1. Don’t propose (hang your laundry) in public!

I absolutely abhor those public proposals where the guy invariably makes an arse of himself and embarrasses the heck out of his gal. Your special moment is supposed to magical, intimate, and unique; something for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. What in the world is magical and unique about proposing in front of 1000 people (who could care less..anyway..) at a local mall?? Classless, tasteless and STUPID.

2. Don’t propose on the net

Proposing on the net in front of millions of viewers is IMO, worse than proposing in public! Imagine its got all of the aforementioned problems except you are also doing it naked.. Why? well simply because a. you cannot see or influence the reaction of the viewers..and b. You are leaving your stupidity on the internet where it will remain archived long after you have regretted your childish wisdom…and for your children to see….if you last that long together… (To my friends who proposed on the net…no hard feelings..and of course I don’t mean you….o.k.!)

3. Don’t propose at a sports event.

50,000 screaming fans. The guy on your left smells like beer or piss? and is screaming about the lack of urinals next to every seat. The gal on your right (your gal) is being given the once over by the guy on her right every 5 seconds and in between his incessant cursing. You can hardly hear yourself think and you’re nursing a sick migraine. Your gal, who doesn’t know the first thing about sports came along just to be nice…and she is starting to feel nauseous…AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO PROPOSE!!

Sure, you’re thinking, this is as good a place as any…she’s thinking..this guy is completely clueless.

4. Don’t bury the engagement ring in food.

Why in the world do guys think it’s cool and appropriate to hide the engagement ring in a creamy dessert?? Are you guys absolutely retarded?? You do want her to burst into tears and scream yes..right? Next, she is supposed to put on the ring and gawk at it right??

WRONG! …Not when you’ve tuned this into some kind of ridiculous scavenger hunt, where she’s gonna actually scoop the ring out of her chocolate pudding like some kind of clogged poop from a drain…

5. Don’t propose after your first date.

You don’t visit a gals boudoir after a first date and you don’t propose after a first date. I don’t need to expound on this I? Proposing too early in a relationship sends the wrong message about you, your intentions, your commitment, and quite frankly your sanity…

They say, timing is everything in life…how true!

6. Don’t make it too complicated.

Guys, listen up: there is a difference between creativity and insanity!

If you are trying to figure out whether your horse drawn carriage driven by an extraterrestrial goblin is gonna get you to the port in time for your private rented yacht to catch the right breeze in the middle of the water so that her long hair could fly at the same time you get down on one knee…methinks your setting yourself up for failure!

7. Don’t propose in front of her family

Don’t do this and proclaim yourself a moron, unless of course, you were really trying to pick up her jealous sister the whole time….

8. Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t expect her to say yes right away. If you do and she says no, you might misinterpret it as the end of your relationship. It does not have to be. In fact, it could very well be the prelude to a deeper and more meaningful relationship where you learn to understand each others hopes, aspirations and expectations….and yes, she will say yes at a later date (hopefully)…if you play your cards right!

9. Don’t be “cheap” but don’t break the bank either….

If you have your way, you guys are gonna get married and live a long and happy life together. You have plenty of time to aspire to lavish gifts, nights on the town, and diamond jewelry. If you break the bank for your engagement proposal, you will have nothing to get married with and you have just set a standard and an expectation for the future that you will most certainly not be able to fulfill.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I have seen in my experience as a diamond jeweler and manufacturer.

Customers go crazy with the engagement proposal, buying all kinds of jewelry, rings, necklaces, etc. in addition to a MAJOR diamond engagement ring.

Then she’s like wow!!! this guy’s got game!!….
Now you’ve just created a standard that is gonna have you working 5 different jobs..just to maintain..

If she is everything you have always wanted…and if he is everything you have always wanted, you will both understand that love need not be professed from the get go through lavish gifts and crazy amounts of jewelry…

Get your beautiful diamond engagement ring and aspire to big things down the road!!

10. Don’t let this Cupid have anything to do with your match, proposal, or marriage!

This guy is too funny!!! Ya gotta watch this!

A Guide To Buying Diamonds and Jewelry Online | Safe Diamond Shopping Online

Buying diamonds online might seem like a difficult challenge at first. Unlike a bricks and mortar store where you walk in and view the diamonds in person, buying a loose diamond online is often (and incorrectly) viewed as a leap of faith.

The truth is, with the right amount of homework, buying a loose diamond online can be one of the most rewarding shopping experiences you will ever have!

Reputable diamond vendors online offer the most comprehensive level of diamond information and customer service policies, as well as diamond prices that are way below the average prices for diamonds at a local jeweler.

Here are a few tips for online diamond shoppers that will help you find the perfect online diamond vendor for your business:

Do your research!

The beauty of shopping on the Internet is that every internet dealer lives in a proverbial glass house. A store that survives on the internet must be extremely careful never to do anything that would harm their online reputation. Indeed, with just one click of a mouse, you can “Google” any website and find out what people are saying about that company. Certainly, you should make an effort to see what people in cyberspace have to say about the jeweler you are contemplating for your business.

Most online sellers will also have a few sections on their website, where they talk about their business model, how long they have been in business, what their customer commitment is like, etc. These “about us” pages are just as important as the customer testimonial section and should be carefully reviewed.

Find out how long they have been in business.
Do they have clear contact information?
What are their return polices like? Do they protect your interests or their own?
Are their diamonds in-house, or do they just act as “drop-shippers” for the diamonds they sell?

The more information you have, the better your position.
Ask for as much actual diamond information as you can and do not buy from someone who cannot offer an actual photo and scan of the diamond grading the very least.

Make sure that you are adequately covered by a clear and cogent return policy.
Look for a fully encrypted shopping cart, with the “lock” icon at the footer of the page before you make your order. Find out what this company does (if anything) with your private information.

Make sure the diamond seller has a proper means for shipping and insuring this diamond in transit, while it is on its way to you.

Lastly, don’t forget that purchasing a loose diamond or diamond engagement ring online is no less romantic than buying a diamond engagement ring from a fancy store or jewelry boutique.

There is nothing “wrong” or “un-romantic” with getting the very best price on the best quality diamond engagement ring your money can buy. Buying a diamond ring on the internet doesn’t remove the romance from your purchase.

Never take the romance out of your diamond engagement ring purchase!

So don’t be swayed and arm yourself with as much information and knowledge as you can.

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Diamond Engagement Tips: The Proposal

Getting engaged? We hope you’ll enjoy this article with important tips on the perfect proposal!

Not unlike any important purchase you make in your lifetime, it is always important and prudent to do the proper research. With todays major search engines throwing pages and pages of companies at you, it is very easy to research and select a reputable jeweler online with whom you will work on your diamond engagement ring.

Once you have secured your dream diamond ring, the tough part will be to put together and execute a memorable proposal!! This can surely be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. Regardless of how you decide to propose to your girlfriend, it is important that you be cognizant of your mutual likes and dislikes; your shared or independent passions. Much of this will influence the timing, planning and actual setting of your marriage proposal.

They say “timing in life is everyting”. Indeed, you will have to choose the most opportune time for your marriage proposal. This might be influenced by a special date, a Holiday weekend, perhaps? Remember that for the rest of your lives you will always think back to your proposal with fond memories, so make it count!


Careful planning is also a vital component of a successful proposal. Where exactly do you wish to propose? Some people go back to the spot where they had their first date…others choose something more exotic..a vacation resort, or fancy hotel. How about a beautiful and scenic spot in the countryside? Destinations and locations should be carefully mapped out in advance so that there are no surprises when the special moment comes up. Be careful to consider things like temperature (what are you guys gonna wear..), ambiance, photography (you do want nice pictures to capture the moment..), surrounding attractions…etc.

The proposal itself

Make sure you know exactly how your going to propose in advance. Go through some trial rehearsals so that you don’t mess up the most important question of your life when the time comes. Don’t be afraid to let your emtions show when the time comes. If you are shy by nature, that’s fine too. Words that come from the heart have a tremendous impact all of their own. She has been waiting for that special moment, when you get down on one knee and pledge your undying love and devotion, for a lifetime. There is nothing “girlish” or “typical” about doing the “one knee thing”. She has been waiting for this and as uncharacteristic as it may be for you, it will speak volumes…and…SHE WILL SAY YES!


Bring out the diamond engagement ring, do your thing, and wait for her world to mesh with your own.

Custom ‘Tiffany’ Channel Diamond Engagement Ring by SuperbCert / ExcelDiamonds

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“You don’t know how much we know, until you understand how much we care” is your trusted online jeweler for the finest hearts and arrows ideal cut diamonds, wholesale loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and custom made jewelry.
We are a 4th generation, family owned and operated diamond and jewelry manufacturer, selling our Signature SuperbCert hearts & arrows Diamonds, AGS ideal princess cut diamonds, designer settings by Vatche, custom ‘Tiffany’ rings, loose diamonds and jewelry directly to you over our website at the lowest prices on the internet.

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