Kelly Clarksons Diamond Engagement Ring.

Making her first public appearance since she accepted Brandon Blackstock’s marriage proposal, Kelly Clarkson sowed off her new massive yellow diamond engagement ring at Sunday’s VH1 Divas concert.

The ring features a huge canary diamond as the centerpiece with smaller white diamonds surrounding the main stone. There are additional smaller-sized pave set diamonds going all the way around the band.

Kelly Clarkson Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you Getting Married this year on December 12th?

Yes, this year December 12th comes out to 12-12-12, the last triple date for the next 100 years!

Wedding planners, Caterers, hotels and restaurants are flooding the airwaves and print media with advertisements of special offers for weddings on 12/12/12.  A range of options,  from “luxurious” ceremonies to “economy” models are being offered. Price ranges, are accompanied by misty soft-focus illustrations of wedding rings, cakes and adoring couples gazing longingly at each other.

No doubt the inside band of the diamond engagement rings and wedding bands will be inscribed with “12-12-12″  in addition to an additional personal message or phrase.

Cities and towns all over the world from Australia to Finland to Russia, to the USA, and Asia are reporting a torrent of bookings of wedding ceremonies on December 12.

One country, however, is an exception to this wedding booking frenzy and that is Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is currently observing the 40-day lent period of Advent before Christmas, a time during which weddings are not allowed.

Church weddings are ceremonial but not legal, given that Bulgaria’s constitution specifies that marriage is a civil union between a man and a woman – a provision, by the way, that forestalls gay marriages in Bulgaria. December 12 will see only weddings at state civil marriage offices on a strictly heterosexual basis.


Platinum and Oval Diamond Custom Bracelet by

Here is a photo of the Platinum and Oval Diamond Custom Bracelet we just completed for our customer Abe G.

This Platinum bracelet weighs 58 grams and features 56 oval shape diamonds weighing 17.44 carats of D, E, F color, VS clarity, and precision cut to the following specifications.

Table percentage ranges from 57-62%.

Length range is 5.0 – 5.10 MM

Width range is 3.5 – 3.6 MM

Polish and Symmetry: Very Good to Excellent.

Take a look!


Most Expensive Diamond Pen In The World


It’s probably not the best time to be selling a diamond-covered pen. Luckily only one is for sale per year. The Aurora Diamante contains over 30 carats of De Beers diamonds on a solid platinum barrel. It has a two-tone, rhodium-treated, 18KT solid gold nib and is personalized with a coat of arms, signature or portrait. Aurora Pens says it is the only over 30 carat pen in the world.

Palladium Jewelry Not As Popular As It Used To Be.

When platinum jewelry prices were sky high some time ago, Palladium became a metal of choice as an alternative to the Platinum which was simply prohibitively expensive for many. With Palladium being an intrinsically white metal (unlike white gold, which is actually plated yellow gold..), like platinum and sharing the price point of gold, it was an easy choice.

However, now that platinum prices have come down from where they were several years ago and with certain porosity problems arising in the creation of a sometimes brittle palladium metal, the popularity of this precious metal has declined somewhat.

It will be interesting to see how Palladium does in the 2009-10 season.

Gold In Iceland

No, this is not the name of a diamond and jewelery company.

Iceland Review reports that Archeologists have discovered a gold ring in a grave in Skriduklaustur in east Iceland where there used to be a monastery. The discovery is considered significant because very few gold rings have been found in archeological excavations in Iceland.

The ring is engraved with a leafy pattern that indicates that the ring was made in the 16th or 17th century. The monastery church in Skriduklaustur was used after Iceland converted to Lutheranism in 1550 and until the 18th century, so it is not clear whether the ring dates before or after the church began operating.

The ring was found in an elaborate grave. The coffin was two-meters long even though the person resting there was much smaller. The lid of the coffin has an inscription, but so far, archeologists haven’t been able to decode it.

Who would want to Honeymoon in Iceland?

Madonna’s New Jewelry! April 2008


Madonna has turned to Chopard to create the custom diamond knuckle ring that reads “M-dolla” and the Happy Diamonds cross she wears on the cover of her new and much anticipated album “Hardy Candy.” Designed by Chopard co-president Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele herself, the ring features 258 brilliant cut white diamonds with the signature Chopard floating diamonds in the flourish of the letter M. This is the second partnership between Chopard and Madonna; their first was the pave diamond “Hung Up” necklace the Pop Queen wore onstage from her “Confessions on a Dance Floor” album.