Sterling Jewelers Sues Zales Over Diamond “Brilliance”.

Sterling, operator of Kay Jewelers and other stores nationwide, says in its lawsuit that Zale, based in Irving, Texas, is falsely claiming in advertisements that its Celebration Fire diamond is “the most brilliant diamond in the world.”

Sterling says Zale promotes the Fire diamond “as the most brilliant diamond in the world” on its website, its Facebook page, on Twitter and in stores. The company also says Zale makes a similar claim in its catalog. Sterling says in the lawsuit that the “independent laboratory testing,” cited by Zale in some promotional materials, falls short. It notes that the testing was limited, involving only diamonds from select leading national jewelry chains and could only be valid if the comparison was made against every diamond cut in the world.

Zales has not commented.

Tough Economy Leads Hearts On Fire To Retrench.

Hearts on Fire yesterday announced that they are closing accounts at more than 120 retail stores in what they describe as being “underperforming accounts”.

Hearts on Fire founded in 1996, markets itself as being home to “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond,” and the brand prides itself on creating a lifetime relationship between customers and Hearts on Fire jewelers.

Hearts on Fire is sold in 34 countries, including the USA, UK, Asia and the Caribbean.

Tolkowsky Capitalizes on Historic Ideal Cut Diamond

Though Marcel Tolkowsky defined the parameters of an ideal-cut diamond when he penned his 1919 thesis “Diamond Design”, that industry benchmark-synonymous with the Tolkowsky name-had never been fully branded until very recently.

Marcel Tolkowsky, Inventor of the Ideal Cut Diamond.

Late last year Marcel Tolkowsky’s heir, Jean Paul Tolkowsky, introduced his new Signature diamond brand he is calling “Cut by Tolkowsky”.

This signature collection of ideal cut diamonds fuses the famed family surname to the hearts and arrows ideal cut.

Although these diamonds are typical (albeit beautiful) ideal cut diamonds which are available all over the internet and retail stores at a fraction of the asking price for a similar “cut by Tolkowsky” ideal cut diamond (which is almost as prohibitively expensive as a branded “Hearts on Fire” ideal cut diamond), Jean Paul is banking on his family name recognition to bridge the gap ($$) for his expensive ideal cut diamonds.

Indeed, no other family is identified with an ideal-cut diamond more than Tolkowsky, so the company which sells its ideal diamond in about 20 independent stores is hoping to capture some market share. They will also be providing a certificate of authenticity for every diamond attesting to its origin being of conflict-free sources; a topic very important to today,s consumers.

We wish them the best of luck!