What You Should Look for When Buying A Loose Heart Shape Diamond.

The heart-shaped diamond is the most romantic of diamond shapes. It is similar to the Pear shape, but has a cleft in the rounded end that forms the lobes of the heart. Important considerations when choosing a Heart shape diamond are its symmetry, shape definition and outline, and the roundness of the lobes which should be rounded and clearly defined. A moderate bow tie formation at the center of the diamond is beneficial as it improves contrast brilliance and face up beauty of the diamond. Heart-shaped diamonds should be mounted in special settings with five prongs: two at the lobes of the heart, two on the sides of the heart, and a V-shaped prong to protect the point of the heart.

Example Photo of Heart Shape Diamond.

Letseng For The World’s Biggest Diamond – Well Almost The Biggest Diamond.

Hey Guys! Any of you currently shopping for a diamond engagement ring? Well, take a l@@k at this!

The Letseng Diamond Mine in the African country of Lesotho earlier this month gave forth one of the largest pieces of diamond rough ever mined.


This diamond rough weighs 478 carats! and has been analyzed as being of top icy-white “D” color and excellent clarity. Diamond Experts believe that it will be possible to craft one 100 carat round brilliant diamond from this rough that will achieve a top color and clarity grade.

This diamond, which was found in September, ranks as the 20th largest rough diamond ever found, but is not the biggest ever taken from the Letseng Mine. Two bigger stones — 603 and 493 carats — were previously found back in 2006 and 2007.

Man, what an engagement ring this would be!

The world’s largest diamond is the Cullinan, discovered in South Africa in 1905. It weighed more than 3,100 carats before it was cut into more than one hundred separate gems, many of which are now part of the British crown jewels.

What A Beautiful Pear Shape Diamond Looks Like

I just finished photographing this beautiful .91 carat Pear Shape Diamond for one of our customers!


So what’s the deal with Loose Pear Shaped Diamonds?

Here is a bit of an overview:

“Teardrop of the Gods”

The pear shape diamond is considered an exquisite diamond for use in quality jewelry and designer engagement rings. The pear shape diamond is exceptionally beautiful and elegant and can be set in a solitaire engagement ring or even a diamond ring with side stones.

The pear shaped diamond is essentially a fusion of the marquise and oval diamonds, combining the “best of both worlds”. You get the beautiful rounded edge on top of the diamond, as well as the distinctive taper on the bottom. A pear shape diamond engagement ring is an assertion of impeccable taste and refinement.

The beauty of the particular diamond above, is that it does not exhibit the sometimes awful effect found in many pear and marquise shaped diamonds, called “the bow-tie effect”.

I Challenge you to find an Engagement Ring for THIS DIAMOND!

An 84.37 carat white diamond sold for almost $16.19 million during Sotheby’s Geneva auction to Georges Marciano (Guess clothing.)


The diamond is being called the largest, high quality, brilliant-cut white diamond to be sold at auction. Sotheby’s pre-sale estimate was between $13.3 million and $17.8 million.

“In my 32-year career, this stone ranks among the most beautiful diamonds I have ever seen,” said David Bennett, Sotheby’s chairman of jewelry for Europe and the Middle East.


The 10 Commandments Diamond!


Introducing the amazing new Ten Commandments Diamond®. A diamond for today that will stand apart while appealing to the person that wishes to hold the Words of the Almighty close to their hearts.

The Ten Commandments Diamond® is a single diamond, hand cut and polished into the shape of the recognizable tablets. The table facet is carefully laser inscribed with the verses of the Ten Commandments. They are available in three versions: Protestant, Catholic and Jewish

This diamond’s unique faceting resonate these important words throughout the diamond.

My question is; how do you put this into an engagement ring??

A Beautiful Radiant Cut Diamond {Pics!}

It is always hard to find a truly well cut fancy shaped diamond.

Fancy shape diamonds are not subject to the same standard for ‘cut quality’ as with rounds and even princess cut diamonds.

Therefore, finding a well cut radiant diamond is sometimes akin to finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack”.

Here is a beautiful radiant cut diamond I photographed today with a gorgeous “crushed ice” look!

I also got a chance to play with a very beautiful GIA certified .91 G VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond today!!

This job….ROCKS!! ;-)


Creating A Beautiful Diamond Takes Time & Effort

We see gorgeous loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings in a jewelry showcase and we just assume that it always looked that way.

Not true.

Creating a gorgeous and brilliant diamond from the diamond rough is no small feat and requires the expert skill and patience of a master diamond cutter. There are 58 facets that need to be cut into a piece of diamond in the rough, in order to transform it into the beautiful diamond you are used to looking at. Additionally, the way that the diamond cutter fashions these facets is crucial in determining how brilliant and dispersive the polished diamond is going to be.

Would you buy this piece of rough diamond for your engagement ring?

This is probably more in line with what you had in mind…;) ;)

Not all polished diamonds look the same. Some look like frozen spit, while other diamonds are of ideal cut quality and look absolutely breathtaking! The only way to manipulate the beauty of the polished diamond, is by cutting the diamond to achieve ideal proportions and maximum light performance, instead of maximum weight retention and a dulled and lifeless appearance.

How To Advertise An Ideal Cut Princess Diamond

So how are we going to advertise our new and incredible selection of the finest AGS-0 Ideal Cut Princess diamonds??

Well, with an ad slick/brochure of course!

Our graphic artists are busy trying to put together a suitable advertisement for our selection of ideal cut, loose princess diamonds. Here is one particular version which I thought was very cool.


I just think there is something incredibly funky about the idea that the diamond ring is sitting there on a bench with a bunch of gals who are gawking at the handsome hunk on the other side who is completely oblivious and engrossed in his lap top!!

The only thing separating the gal(s) from the guy, is the diamond engagement ring!

Almost like art mimicking real life ;) ;)

Survey Highlighlights Importance of Diamond and Jewelry Branding

Diamond and diamond jewelry brands continue to see increased awareness among consumers, according to a survey of 2,571 members of the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC) conducted from May 31 to June 12.

A media release from JCOC stated the leader of the branding pack is the Zale Diamond. It remains the strongest diamond brand since the survey was last conducted in October 2004. It is followed closely by Hearts On Fire, Radiant and the Leo Diamond. While consumers say a brand name is still the least important factor in driving the diamond purchase, they acknowledge that brands are gaining importance.

Among the changes since the 2004 survey: Hearts On Fire has gained recognition in the past two years; consumers are naming more diamond brands, such as Lucida and the Princess Plus; more respondents are saying they own a branded diamond, while a smaller percentage are citing a lack of awareness for not owning one; a larger percentage of respondents say they own branded diamond jewelry such as Vera Wang, Scott Kay and Escada; and consumers say they are slightly more willing to pay higher prices for branded diamond jewelry versus two years ago.

“It’s extremely difficult to establish specific brand awareness with consumers,” said Elizabeth Chatelain, president of MVI Marketing Ltd., founder of JCOC, in the release. “Although consumers are more willing to pay premium prices for branded products, making a jewelry line ‘stand out’ is not getting any easier. With the saturation of brands in the market, a name and logo is not enough to catch consumer attention. Each brand must develop a niche, a unique selling proposition, or a product attribute demanded by consumers.”

While consumers were willing to pay more for a brand, they were also deterred from purchasing branded designer jewelry because of high prices, Chatelain said.

“The key to successful product branding is to design and deliver a unique product the consumer needs and prefers to other products available,” she said. “Manufacturers and retailers can help consumers come to understand what exactly branded diamonds and diamond jewelry are, and that the consumer has increased flexibility in choosing.”