Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Y-Z Color VS-1 Clarity GIA Graded For Your Engagement Ring.

Here is a beautifully cut golden glow Yellow Color Emerald diamond graded by GIA. The warm golden color is rich with even tone and saturation and a great choice for those of you who prefer the warm color and yellow hues.

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Yellow Engagement Rings: Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds Are A Great Option For Your Engagement Ring.

Fancy Intense yellow diamonds in all of the diamond shapes are becoming increasingly popular as the choice for the diamond engagement ring center stone. The richness of the color, the intensity, and distribution across the entire face of these diamonds makes for a very powerful and sparkling visual impact.

Whether you choose a solitaire prong engagement ring, three-stone ring, or a halo diamond accent ring and have your fancy intense yellow center diamond surrounded by smaller white or colored stones, the total visual impact will be powerful and scintillating.

Here is a 1.62 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant Cut diamond that we recently sold:

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What You Should Look for When Buying A Loose Heart Shape Diamond.

The heart-shaped diamond is the most romantic of diamond shapes. It is similar to the Pear shape, but has a cleft in the rounded end that forms the lobes of the heart. Important considerations when choosing a Heart shape diamond are its symmetry, shape definition and outline, and the roundness of the lobes which should be rounded and clearly defined. A moderate bow tie formation at the center of the diamond is beneficial as it improves contrast brilliance and face up beauty of the diamond. Heart-shaped diamonds should be mounted in special settings with five prongs: two at the lobes of the heart, two on the sides of the heart, and a V-shaped prong to protect the point of the heart.

Example Photo of Heart Shape Diamond.

Sterling Jewelers Sues Zales Over Diamond “Brilliance”.

Sterling, operator of Kay Jewelers and other stores nationwide, says in its lawsuit that Zale, based in Irving, Texas, is falsely claiming in advertisements that its Celebration Fire diamond is “the most brilliant diamond in the world.”

Sterling says Zale promotes the Fire diamond “as the most brilliant diamond in the world” on its website, its Facebook page, on Twitter and in stores. The company also says Zale makes a similar claim in its catalog. Sterling says in the lawsuit that the “independent laboratory testing,” cited by Zale in some promotional materials, falls short. It notes that the testing was limited, involving only diamonds from select leading national jewelry chains and could only be valid if the comparison was made against every diamond cut in the world.

Zales has not commented.

Deep Fancy Blue Briolette Diamond Sold For 10.8 Million At Auction!

A rare 10.48 carat flawless, Fancy Deep Blue Briolette diamond was sold this week by Sotheby’s and set a new record at auction for a deep blue diamond and briolette shape.

The sale price was more than twice the high-end pre-sale price estimate set by Sotheby’s.

Graded by GIA, the stone received the Lab’s highest grade for Polish and Symmetry.

About Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

As you start to research loose diamonds for your engagement ring purchase, you may hear the term “hearts & arrows diamonds” and wonder what that’s all about?

What are hearts and arrows diamonds?

Basically, hearts and arrows diamonds, are loose diamonds that have been cut to a great degree of precision for maximum beauty and superior brilliancy.

These diamonds are usually synonymous with the Ideal Cut Diamonds and are quite possibly, the most perfectly cut diamonds in the world!

The “hearts and arrows” refers to the internal pattern of the diamond which, when viewed through a special viewer (called a “hearts and arrows diamond viewer”) will show a pattern of eight crisp hearts one one side of the diamond and beautiful arrows on the other.

The hearts and arrows diamonds phenomena was actually discovered, back in the 80′s and literally took the diamond industry by storm, for its romantic connotation and for its practical indication of a loose diamonds superior cut precision and beauty.

The hearts and arrows viewer itself, is pretty much like a kleidoscope which isolates the loose diamonds internal symmetry, allowing the customer to view the precise hearts and arrows patterning within the loose diamond.

We actually provide a free hearts and arrows diamond viewer with every signature SuperbCert diamond that we sell.

“Dirt Cheap Diamonds” – Would You Buy These Diamonds?

I’m sitting here in our diamond showroom after meeting a customer who just left moments ago.

I had the opportunity to show him some beautiful ideal cut diamonds.

This guy was initially set on buying from a local jeweler.
His research on the net for loose diamonds was purely supplementary to his focus and objective of ultimately buying from a certain “brick and mortar” jewelry store.

In the end, he realized he could do much better on the net for diamond quality and price and made the decision to take the plunge.

Right now he is probably canvassing a few Internet diamond dealers and although I gave (hopefully) a good accounting of our company, I have no idea what his decision will be ultimately, except to say that he most certainly will wind up buying online.

We had a very interesting conversation regarding the effect the Internet has had on the sale of diamond engagement rings and jewelry.

While the Internet has certainly taken away some of the “romance” (sometimes loosely translated as ignorance ;0) ) from purchasing diamonds, it has not actually turned diamonds into a commodity just yet.

An interesting point this gentleman brought up, is the way that some Internet diamond stores choose to market their diamonds.

He made the point that although the Internet has become known as the place to find great diamonds at great prices, there are those who have clearly decided to push the envelope even further and will consistently promote their diamonds as being “the cheapest” or “the best deals” etc. almost to the exclusion of focusing on the diamond or jewelry items actual merits, quality and beauty.

While the fact that the razor thin profit margins for diamond being sold on the Internet is certainly a truism and a boon for the consumer, how about when a company advertises their diamonds as being “cheap diamonds” or “cheap wholesale diamonds” or “dirt cheap diamonds” etc?

How might that effect the psyche of the consumer?

“Dirt cheap diamonds”…………..effective advertising for diamonds??!!!

Well, maybe if the slogan was accompanied by the photograph below!!

“Dirt Cheap Diamonds……Sounds like —- And Looks Like It Too!”

This customers position was that at some point you enter into the law of diminishing returns when Internet companies continuously harp on price..price… this kind of extreme and exclusive way.

He indicated to me that as a consumer looking to buy a diamond on the net, he is obviously looking for a “great deal” on a great diamond.

However, there are other factors and considerations as well.
He doesn’t wish to entertain the notion that he is in possession of a “cheap” or “inferior diamond” and indicated that the Internet vendors who make him feel this way have no shot at earning his trust and business.

I found this to be a very interesting approach with tremendous merit.
In fact, we recently blogged on the “too good to be true” syndrome with the pricing for loose diamonds on the net.

Our prices for loose diamonds are assuredly from the lowest on the Internet and our actual profit margins razor thin.

However, we would never market our beautiful diamonds and jewelry as being “dirt cheap” or any other connotation that makes it sound like we are selling crud.

We actually showcase every one of our in-house diamonds (and all database diamonds upon request) with a plethora of scientific data and information, including actual photos, which demonstrate these diamonds to be the finest and most brilliant diamonds on the market!

Our custom engagement ring settings and jewelry have deservedly garnered praise from our thousands of satisfied customers on the Internet!

Our diamonds might be cheap to buy…..but there is nothing “cheap” about them!

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