Christie’s To Auction Largest Briolette Diamond Ever!

Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale on May 28 will feature the largest briolette diamond that has ever appeared at auction. The 75.36-carat diamond is part of a pendant necklace that includes a marquise-cut purplish pink diamond suspended above the briolette. The two diamonds are joined by a briolette diamond neck chain mounted in 18k rose and white gold. The necklace is estimated to fetch $8.5 to $12.5 million.

The briolette has been graded as D color and type IIa, indicating its internally flawless clarity, excellent polish, high level of chemical purity and exceptional optical transparency.

Fabulous Green Emerald Makes It’s Debut at Basal Jewelry Show.

A dazzling 206.09-carat Colombian emerald of exceptional color and clarity, purchased by Bayco LLC from a private collector earlier this year made it’s debut this week at the Basal Jewelry Show in Basal, Switzerland.

The Imperial Emerald, 206.09 Carats

The polished cut yield from Emerald rough is in the range of 20-24% which means that The Imperial Emerald started out as a 800 carat rough stone, WOW!

Giacomo Hadjibay, a co-owner of the family-owned, New York-based jewelry company, said the gem, dubbed “The Imperial Emerald,” is the most exceptional stone their company has ever purchased.

The Imperial Emerald is the largest Emerald in terms of its clarity, color, brilliance and cut, and is untreated. It was mined at the Muzo mines, located at the foothills of the eastern range of the Andes mountains in Colombia which are known for producing the best emeralds in the world.

It was Colombian emeralds that the great Moguls of India coveted when they ruled the country, swapping their diamonds and gold with the Spanish for the green gems.

Bayco purchased this Emerald rough in 2012 and submitted it to three of the worlds best Gemstone Grading laboratories, the American Gem Laboratories, the Gemological Institute of America and Gübelin; who created books on the emerald, a step taken only for extremely rare and exceptional stones.

Bayco brought the stone to Baselworld to show it to the world, the first stop on what may be a global tour for the 200-carat-plus gem. .

Bayco is exhibiting at Baselworld, which began today and runs through May 2.

How Much Is Your Clock Worth?

A rare Breguet Sympathique clock–the type of timepiece that used to decorate the palaces of European royalty–sold for $6.8 million Tuesday at Sotheby’s New York, setting a new auction record for a clock.  It was the second-highest price achieved for any timepiece at auction, surpassed only by the $11 million sale of the Henry Graves Supercomplication in 1999, also sold by Sotheby’s.

The Duc d’Orléans (above) is the most complex of the Sympathique clocks created by renowned French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, who conceived the idea for these clocks–designed primarily to showcase his skills–while exiled to Switzerland during the French Revolution.

New Bluetooth is a Black Diamond

The Acase Black Diamond III portable Bluetooth speaker designed by Yantouch features a glowing crystal that changes colors to the music.

Inside the orb, there is room for speakers, a subwoofer, a Bluetooth receiver, and, of course, electronics to illuminate the thing. In addition to serving as a dodecahedron for the desk this color-shifting Black Diamond even provides an inner storage chamber for the remote. What more could you want for your Doctor Who-themed office?

The Black Diamond III is available now for $120 from Amazon.

Deep Fancy Blue Briolette Diamond Sold For 10.8 Million At Auction!

A rare 10.48 carat flawless, Fancy Deep Blue Briolette diamond was sold this week by Sotheby’s and set a new record at auction for a deep blue diamond and briolette shape.

The sale price was more than twice the high-end pre-sale price estimate set by Sotheby’s.

Graded by GIA, the stone received the Lab’s highest grade for Polish and Symmetry.

Want To Try on a Watch on-line. Tissot Launches 3-D On-Line.

Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot has launched a 3-D feature on its Web site that allows consumers to use their Web cams to virtually “try on” watches from its “Touch Collection” before purchasing them.

The application is available on the Tissot Web site, Tissot Reality which is also e-commerce enabled. The site allows users to virtually “try on” watches and change models, colors and styles, using their computer screen as a virtual mirror.

From the Tissot web site, users must download and print out an image of a watch that is supplied on the page, wrap the faux watch around their wrist, and then hold their wrist in front of a Web cam, pointing and clicking on different models and colors to see what each one looks like in real time and in 3-D.

You will also be able to experiment with the touch screen features of the watches, including the diver functionality of the Sea Touch and a variety of features, including the altimeter, compass and thermometer of the wider ranges.


What A Waste Of Gold. Wii, What for?

The Nintendo Wii SUPREME is definitely unique and definitely the most expensive in the world. It takes six months to make one and it requires 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold. The front buttons are made of 78 x 0.25ct flawless diamonds which total 19.5ct. Only three such consoles will be made and they will each cost almost half a million dollars.

Why do this? The Wii is already obsolete. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are superior products and are going to support motion controlled gaming into 2010 and at that point Nintendo won’t have a competitive console anymore.

A total waste of money.

Diamond Sneakers

Famous footballers John Terry, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand decided to sell their shoes. And to justify the costs, they just bejeweled it a bit! With a total of 7,444 precious stones on the three pairs, the total value of the shoes comes to around $563,400! If you look at John Terry’s Umbro boots alone, they are studded with 2,734 shining rocks. The shoes bear his children’s names, Summer and Georgie, and come with a red and the cross of St George embroidered on the tongue. The studs come with 84 black diamonds and set in white gold. And his famous No.6 has been set in white gold surrounded by over 27 carat of white diamonds and around 11 carat of sapphires. This pair alone is valued around $197,600. Manchester United striker Rooney’s blue and white Nike boots have 2,576 gems with over 10 carat of white diamonds and 31 carat of black diamonds. His famous No. 10 is created from rose gold and this pair is valued around $183,000. The last pair owned by Rio Ferdinand, are black and white Nike boots spray painted in a graffiti-style artwork. His famous No. 5 is crafted in rose gold too but it comes with gold-tipped laces. With 2,494 stones consisting of over 18 carat white diamonds, 15 carat black diamonds and almost 11 carat of rubies, this pair is valued at around $197,600 as well