How Much Is Your Clock Worth?

A rare Breguet Sympathique clock–the type of timepiece that used to decorate the palaces of European royalty–sold for $6.8 million Tuesday at Sotheby’s New York, setting a new auction record for a clock.  It was the second-highest price achieved for any timepiece at auction, surpassed only by the $11 million sale of the Henry Graves Supercomplication in 1999, also sold by Sotheby’s.

The Duc d’Orléans (above) is the most complex of the Sympathique clocks created by renowned French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, who conceived the idea for these clocks–designed primarily to showcase his skills–while exiled to Switzerland during the French Revolution.

My New Stuhrling Watch! | The Adams Regulator Watch by Stuhrling Watches {Pics!}


All of you know what a crazy watch nut I am! I’ve got a watch addiction that is only rivaled by my love for diamonds and jewelry! Of course I already own some expensive and prestigious timepieces; like a gold Rolex, a gold Piaget Protocole, Ebel Wave in gold, Cartier Tank and more…)

Recently, I went on the hunt for a beautiful, yet inexpensive timepiece that would feature some jaw dropping complications without breaking the bank.

My objective was to wear a watch that would present itself really well and that would rival the aesthetic look and appeal of a more expensive timepiece by many thousands of dollars.

I meet with couples every day in our N.Y.C. showroom and it is important for me to wear a timepiece that speaks to impeccable taste and refinement (I hope ;-) .

Recently, I had my eyes on this ESQ watch

That was until I found a treasure trove of watches at!

Stuhrling watches feature some breathtaking and inexpensive timepieces with complications that would rival (in appearance, although obviously not in quality, accuracy and pedigree) the most expensive watches from the likes of Patek, GP, Vacheron, DeWhitt, Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Nardin, LeCoultre, Daniel Roth etc.!

I settled on this beautiful Stuhrling ‘Adams’ Regulator watch in stainless steel with 22kt. Gold overlay. These Stuhrling watches sure are beautiful! Upon my inspection, I do believe these are well made watches for the price (I paid under $200).

My Beautiful New Stuhrling Adams Regulator Watch!
Some photos including a wrist shot of this watch…..on yours truly!

The first thing that grabs your attention with the Adamas is its exquisite allure. A closer look uncovers exactly why this timepiece is so striking. The open-heart complication which reveals the balance wheel beating back and forth is truly mesmerizing. And with the extraordinary guilloche soleil texturing on the dial shimmering like the new day’s sun, you have a look of a timepiece that is truly unconquerable!

I look forward to owning more of these exquisite timepieces by the Stuhrling Watch company!

I Want This ESQ Watch (No, I’m Not Picky)!

Of course I am a true watch fanatic. It is true that I love a really good (and expensive) luxury timepiece. However, my appreciation for fine watches does not preclude me from choosing a beautiful watch at a significantly lower price point!

Enter the exquisite watch by ESQ (#07300940239), which I’ve had my eyes on these past few days.


Here are the specifications:
Quest Collection.
Solid stainless steel polished case.
Attractive brown leather strap.
Rose Gold pattern dial with gold tone hands and markers.
Large date window at 12 o’clock position.
Luminous hands.
30 minute chronograph.
ESQ logo on gear-style crown.
Deployment clasp.
Mineral crystal.
Water resistant.
Precise Swiss Quartz movement.
Case measures 38mm wide by 12mm thick
2 years original manufacturer warranty.

The price for this watch is about $240 (see, who said beautiful watches had to be expensive!)
If any of you wish to buy me a gift, here is the link for you…;-) ;-)

New Moontime Watch From Bunz


Europastar says regarding this new watch by Bunz:

“This new model’s ingenious highlight is its fully plastic semi-gold-plated moon. It charmingly rotates around its own axis on the white firmament of the watch face at 12 o’clock to indicate to its owner the current phase of the moon. This is set into motion by an angular drive located above the watch work that gets its strength from a crown gear above the hour tube. But, this extraordinary watch face has even more interesting features: numbers three and nine are artistically curvature(d) to encase the delicate silvery hour and minute hands on an elegant dark-blue background. They are faithfully driven by a rare Lemania 1932 Swiss watch work or, at your choice, a valuable precision quartz movement. ”


Call me crazy but I am not particularly impressed with this new offering from Bunz.
The watch simply doesn’t “do it” for me….

Aesthetically, it’s o.k.
Functionally, it’s a bit funky and novel.

Does it justify the asking price?

Not in my opinion.

Corum Watches Names Its “Brand” Man Of The Year!

Global Brand Forum 2007 and Corum Timepieces have announced that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has been selected as the first “Brand Icon of the Year,” an honor that recognizes an individual’s contributions in the area of global branding.

Al Gore accepting his Corum Romvlvs Watch as “Brand” Icon Of The Year.


In a media release Global Brand Forum Chairman S. Karthik said “We choose Al Gore as our inaugural Brand Icon of the Year because of his unique and valuable contributions in the fields of media and the environment.”

In presenting Al Gore with the award—a legendary Romvlvs by Corum—Corum Timepieces President Michael Wunderman said that Gore represents the kind of determination and commitment to excellence that is admired by so many companies.

“I have high admiration and respect for Mr. Gore for his passion, determination and resolve to unlock his supremacy and conquer the challenges, whether as a politician or environmentalist, a ‘cutting edge’ brand leader of great magnitude and responsibility to humankind,” Wunderman said.

WOW! Mr. Wunderman, that is some set of accolades! it’s gotten me globally warm all over which may have an adverse effect on the environment around me.

BTW, Mr. Wunderman, you forgot to accolade Mr. Gore on the fact that he also invented the Internet!

We forgive you.

DeWitt Watches Build A “Cultish” Following.

To view all of the information and specifications for the Dewitt watches pictured above, click here.

I honestly don’t think I have seen a luxury watch brand that has devloped and morphed into a “cult brand” in such a short period of time, like the stunning watches manufactured by Dewitt.

Even Panerai needed a few more years to really build a following before it developed into a full blown “cult brand”

It is truly amazing to see what Dewitt has managed to do in just 4 years..and for good reason.

Their watches are amongst the most beautiful, sophisticated, unique and complicated timepieces we have ever seen.